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THE KIDS AT THE WASHTENAW COUNTY DETENTION HOME still need all kinds of records and books. (Especially books on drugs, minority groups, or current novels and political raps.) Their collection is really very small so if you can help it would be great! Also the kids really need records, so call Mary, at 665-4672

AN ODE to Wilhelm Reich, a drama in two parts. Send $1 to M-0 Publications 19211 Tracey, Detroit 48235

NEEDED; One used air compressor. Will pay $75 to $100. Contact Danny at 482-8850

STOLEN; One Lafaye PA 100 watt grey metal. One Bogen mike mixer (bluish-grey vinyl case). Also one Bell Amp. (brown) 125 watt. If you know the whereabouts of any of this equipment please contact Jamie at 769-1427

FOR SALE; 61 Volkswagon Van with a 63 engine. Has new oversized rings, pistons, cylinders, clutch plate, and a rebuilt transmission. Less than 3000 miles on the engine & transmission. $300! Call Mike at 971-5472

DYNAMITE CONGA PLAYER needs group! Call 485-4567 or 769-0496

NAKED LUNCH, a natural foods restaurant, is now open for lunches from 11:00 to 2:30, weekdays at 311 Thompson Street between E. Liberty and E. William.  

A YOUNG BROTHER JUST OUT OF THE HOSPITAL longs for a bike! His family wants to help but they have no funds. Can you? Call Alice at 662-7240

VOLUNTEER correspondents needed near city and rural slums around USA for a new paper. No bread but a free subscription. Please write Al Broth, 3235 Eastern Parkway, NY 11510

ACAPULCO GOLD ROLLING PAPERS Proceeds to help legalize marijuana. Pure Cannabis (made from stalk of marijuana plant!), 50 c/, Rice 15 c/, Maíz 15 c/, Choco-licourice 20 c/. Send for your very own today! Legal Ventures, Dept. AAS, Box 7546, Atlanta, Georgia 30309. Shop inquiries invited.

DO IT YOURSELF DOPE BOOKLETS. The Complete Cannabis Cultivator, DMT Guide, Marijuana Consumer's & Dealer's Guide, Organic PsycheDelics-Synthesis & Extraction. All booklets $1 each post-paid. Send cash, check, or money order today for your very own to: Legal Ventures, Dept. AAS, Box 7546, Atlanta, Ga. 30309. Wholesale inquiries invited.

POETS AND ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY PEOPLE! The Ann Arbor Journal is preparing its second volume. Submissions should be sent to ANN ARBOR JOURNAL, 428 Hamilton, Ann Arbor, MI Or phone 482-5766 or 761-2017

KARMA reviews rock, jazz, blues and electronic LPs. November sheet has 15 reviews. Send stamp for your copy or $1 for a year, 12 issues to Karma Album Review, 4373 Wayside S. Saginaw, Mich. 48603

WANTED: GAY PENPALS-Would like to hear from you soon! Write to Dennis Craig, 2614 So. Richfield Rd., Flint, Michigan 48506

THESE TWO JAILED BROTHERS NEED people in the community to write to! Write to Ronald Browing, Serial No. 125538, Box 51 1 Columbus, Ohio, or Donald Jenkens, Serial No. 125681, Box 51 1 Columbus, Ohio 43216

1972 REVOLUTIONARY CALENDAR, includes births, deaths, assassinations, demonstrations. Good for gifts. Send check or money order to: Roger Kranz, 138 Somerest St., New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903. l'll pay mailing costs.

WOULD LIKE TO CORRESPOND with some good people in the Ann Arbor & Detroit area. I 'm 27 years old, dig poetry, art, play drums and unfortunately, l'm doing time in Colorado. Write: Gary G. Garrison, Register No. 39926, Box 1010, Canon City Colorado 81212

BEAUTIFUL BALLS OF FLUFF, puppies, part springer spainiel, golden retriever, and labrador. Free as the Sunshine around you- Call Juniper House at 449-1127 or stop by at 1350 Donna Lane, Whitmore Lake

MARIJUANA-HASH TEST KIT. End burns and bummers. Kit contains enough chemical for 50-75 tests for THC concentration. Be the first on your block! Rush $5.98 to Legal Ventures, Dept. AAS Box 7546, Atlanta, Ga. 30309. Dealers inquiries invited.

NEW STEREO 140 Watt JVC Tuner, JVC turntable, sansui phones, Mpl speakers ASKIN' $750 Call 761-9798 Ask for Chris.

A GOOD BROTHER needs a pair of boots for the winter months. Size 8 & 8-1/2'.Cali Friz at 761-2017

FOR SALE: Cadillac hearse, 63 black. Has an FM Stereo. $400. Cali 483-8678 or 561-4056