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Question:  What do you think is in store for everyone during the new year?

Dale Hess Pharmacology teaching fellow -- The New Year is going to be what people make it.  Speaking for myself, l'm kinda at low energy but I expect to pick up as the year advances.  Vibrations from other people would probably get me high.  You see, it rubs off.

C.K. Clark, custodian -- Looks like there are goin to be more taxes, every thing else is going up, and could be another war started in Asia.  I don't think the Viet Nam war will be over this year either.  It'll probably be toned down.

Charlene Bowser, student -- l'm very optimistic, despite all the problems we're having all over the world.  l'm with kids and l'm working in small ways.  l'm hoping to get people to get well-adjusted and love themselves.  And maybe through doing that, it'll happen in bigger ways.  That's my hope.

Subramanian, research fellow in botony -- l think Nixon will be re-elected.  It's inevitable.  The Democrats haven't succeeded in putting up a strong candidate.  Spiro Agnew as VP will neutralize the opposition that Nixon has now in John Ashbrooke, a conservative Republican.

Tom Stribley, insurance salesman -- l just hope more people get work.  I just see too many of my friends unemployed and I don't want to see that any more.  I think, it'll get better basically because it's an election year.  I don't know what legislatures can do about it but I think Nixon might pull off another surprise move.  He'd have to, to get re-elected.  The legislatures are going to have to do something to take the power away that the corporations now have, and cause of the economic plan, and let the people have jobs.