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Starting with this issue of the SUN we're adding another regular feature to the paper which will be news and reports from the Tribal Council. On these two pages we'll include notes from Tribal Council weekly meetings, any upcoming Tribal Council events or projects and discussions of any community projects, proposals or events that might come to the attention of the Tribal Council and be of interest to our community. If anyone has any news that they'd like to bring to the attention of the Tribal Council or the community through the Tribal Council please contact Jeanie Walsh or Genie Plamondon at the SUN, 761-1709.

The past two Tribal Council meetings have been a lot more high energy than in the past and real plans are being made for more community activities and get togethers. We're planning a whole Tribal Council Week beginning on the 16th of January. Check the Tribal Council Special Issue that was put together by the People's Communications Committee, for more complete details. (It should be available wherever you pick up your SUN here in Ann Arbor.) At the Dec. 28th meeting the idea was proposed that we have another community mass meeting like the one we had back in November at the Union Ballroom so that all the Tribal Council People's Committees could get together along with people from the Community Center and discuss any progress or new proposals that might have come up and also to get together again with the community of Rainbow people in Ann Arbor. We decided it would be far-out to have a community pot-luck dinner in conjunction with the meeting and to try and have an event like this at least once a month. A date of January 20th was proposed and work was begun on securing a place etc. At the Tribal Council meeting on January 6th we decided to expand the whole project into a week of events sponsored by the Tribal Council to raise money for the Community Center, particularly the Artists Workshop and the People's Ballroom. It was decided to have a poetry reading one night, a film showing one night, a rock and roll benefit the third night, ending with the community meeting and potluck dinner on the last night to celebrate the first anniversary of the People's Food Co-Op. Again, be sure and check out the special issue about the Tribal Council Week put together by the People's Communications Committee; it also contains information about each of the People's Committees.

It was also decided to rename the Hard Drug Committee because we all felt that it is necessary to deal with all drug related problems and not just those associated with hard drugs such as heroin and downers like reds. It's also more and more necessary to deal with the problems that aries from the spreading of incorrect information on the part of city officials about life drugs such as marijuana and LSD. They create rumors and false impressions and only make it harder for some brothers and sisters to deal with and come to common understandings with people like their parents etc, whose only knowledge of drugs comes from establishment newspapers etc. We decided to launch a People's investigation into the death of brother Dirk Fisher and to denounce Police Chief Walter Krasney for making the outrageous statement that Dirk's death was caused by an overdose of LSD even before an autopsy had been performed and the real cause fo death could possibly be known. The Community Center still needs people to help get the place in working order; be persistant about finding out what you can do to help, where the tools are and anything else you might need to know when you go there to work. It's our Community Center and all of us should help get it together!

Sherry Lucas from Ozone House came and talked about the broken down boiler at the Community Center at the Dec. 28th meeting and at the latest meeting a progress report was given that money for the boiler repair had been raised through donations and a bucket drive and that all the extra money that had been raised would be used to heat the ballroom and the Artists' Workshop area.

A sister from a new group of people who cali themselves GROW came to the Jan. 6th meeting and asked that the Tribal Council help them generate more interest and support for their project to obtain more free land within or very near the city limits for free gardening. She asked that we come to a City Council meeting on January 10 to show support for a proposal that gardening become part of the city's recreation program and that gardening be encouraged as a family and community activity for all those people who dig gardening.

Information about all these new projects will be talked about at the Tribal Council Community Meeting on the 20th. Support our community by reading the community paper. KEEP IN TOUCH! READ THE SUN! JOIN THE TRIBAL COUNCIL! LET IT GROW!!!!! – Jeanie Walsh RPP

Grow is a neighborhood garden concept in the development stage. The idea is to supply land and information for people in Ann Arbor to have a garden close to their homes. Arrangements are being made to find sites (several locations are already available), arrange for water and locate other resources. We feel that gardening can be the sight of many activities, physical exercise, recreation, music, education (with emphasis on organic gardening) working with the aged and emotionally deprived people, and most of all uniting people of all ages and backgrounds are a few of the possibilities. Our future needs will include additional sites, equipment, seeds and gardening know how. Sound interesting? For further information cali Joy Strider at 761-9000 or Susan Drake at 761-3719. Grow Yourself!