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Conspiracy Co-op Coffeehouse Opens

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CONSPIRACY Co-op Coffeehouse Opens

CONSPIRACY is the new, non-profit coffeehouse-theater, in the space that used to be Canterbury House and the Alley, on the ground floor of 330 Maynard Street in Ann Arbor.

CONSPIRACY has been established by ARM - American Revolutionary Media, which is a commune of media workers. But it has taken a lot of help from our friends, and people we never knew before.

Soon, CONSPIRACY will be legally incorporated as a self-determining, nonprofit cooperative of participating groups, members and staff, together setting policy and making plans for coming months. Initial capital for the $600-a-month lease and equipment was loaned by the Black Economic Development League of Washtenaw County.

CONSPIRACY isa 14-hour-a-day people's coffeehouse, open from 11 am to 1 am every day but Sunday (when we open at 2 pm).

Coffee, tea, hot or cold cider, organic bread and cheese, fresh fruit and pastry will be served all day long. There is music (on record or tape) at moderate volume, and a people's library of the current press, power-structure dailies, the people's press and magazines.

CONSPIRACY is a people's theater where there is something going on every night: films initially, at 60¢ for matinees Tuesdays and Thursdays, 75¢ weeknights and Sunday, $1. Friday and Saturday nights; where the price of admission includes a free coffee, tea or cider.

As the CONSPIRACY grows, we will develop a balanced program of films, small theater, mixed-media and speaker events, and live music, all at low cooperative prices.


CONSPIRACY is a membership cooperative. It is not, and will not be subsidized by any element of the corporate powerstructure. lts continued existence, low and lowered prices, and a developing social-cultural scene all depend on people's support and participation. We must rely on ourselves.

DAY-MEMBERSHIP fee is 25¢ (minimum purchase). This cost, and the price of a nourishing lunch or supper will be provided for people who cannot afford it, through a voluntary, revolving People's Fund, or from the cooperative surplus, if necessary.

QUARTERLY MEMBERSHIP fee is $5, for three months. This covers any minimum ever, and a 20% discount on everything - food, films and other events - which will be refunded quarterly. In addition, quarterly members will be notified by mail of the coming month's events, and may phone in reservations for any event one-day in advance. A comfortable maximum seating capacity of 160 will be maintained at all times, and this may result in sellouts for particularly interesting films, theater or music.

SPONSOR MEMBERSHIP fee is the donation, or interest-free loan for three months, of a minimum of $25.

CONSPIRACY is open now, as a coffee house-film theater. Lunch will start next week (January 17 - On). Sunday supper will start January 23. Inside this paper is a schedule of films and events that we have set for the first month or so, but there will be others that are developed as we go along.

We hope to see you in the CONSPIRACY.

- American Revolutionary Media