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How did you react to the news that the Human Rights Party is running candidates for City Council? Peter Falkinstein - student If this is going to be a successful coalition, the RPP s going to have to move their organizing abilities nto electoral politics. If they can't, their coalition might drag on the Human Rights Party, especially with the stigma of the former White Panther Party. If they can get it together, it'll be a great thing. Gail Lattie - student. I believe they aren't going to support the city ncome tax, which I agree with. Butthere really isn't that much information on the party, that I ve seen anyway. I don't know f they have much support right now. Don Rucknagel - Human Genetics Prof. l'm torn with the issue of strategy here as to whether one spends one's time with the Human Right's Party where one's goal has to be a long-range thing, because I doubt they have very much influence, or whether you try to subvert the existing party. Andy Golding - student. I don't know too many of the details about the candidates, but I think it's a good idea for an alternative for an people to express their opinions in the election. With the 18 yr-old vote, I think there's a good opportunity to capture one or two seats on the council.