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QUESTION: Do you think that the Human Rights Party can help make positive changes in Ann Arbor?

Jeffery Lane- Daily drama critic, musician. Given circumstances as they are and our hopes for progress in the future, the continued upward and onward progression of humanity, our quest for democracy, freedom, and union, the voice of the young people should definitely come out as a sincere and representative faction of this country . . .

Lisa Rush- student. I think if they can reach the students they can have a great effect. But I don't think there's enough support from the students. I think a lot of students are alienated because of their apolitical nature. They don't care enough, but I think they could be aroused if there were more direct lines they could follow like PIRGIM. I think that people like the regents have too much power and that power should be taken away from them.

Conrad Cunningham- Ohio chapter Black Panther Party Minister of Health. First of all, it may not bring about change but it will have some effect like encouragement particularly on the youth. Especially since they've passed the 18 year old vote. Since this is probably the first time, it probably won't work for the 18 year olds. But it will have some effect. Even the fact they listened to, had voice in it, will have an effect. Right now you know, the older generation and the people like Nixon and Agnew and Reagan still have control. But at least the young ones, particularly the 18 year olds, will have a chance to be heard, you know. And if it don't work right now, it'll work later on.

Tim Beeble -student. With the student vote, I think they'll be effective. If they can get up all sorts of tactics like passing agitation papers out all around and having rallies to get people fired up, you know. If they want people to vote for them, I think they can do it.

Jim Shaw- student. Probably, because there are a lot of students here. I don't think they could go into any city and do it. In Ann Arbor there are the kids and street people and the youth vote and all that. But I don't know that much about what local city council politics are to really say more.