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Eat-Hear-See-Feel-Think at Conspiracy, the new non-profit cooperative coffeehouse-theater, at 330 Maynard Street in Ann Arbor. Stop by, every day of the week, from 10am to 1am, lunch served from 1 1am to 4pm. Good inexpensive food. Films, live music, talk and people. All Power to the People! FLASH! Zero Population Growth and the Free Medical Clinic (located at the Community Center 502 E. Washington) are sponsoring sex education workshops for all young freeks in the community to particípate in! On Feb. 6th will be a rap on "Contraception," on Feb. 1 3th a rap on "Abortion" and then on February 20th a workshop on "VD and Sexual Diseases." The time is Sunday nights at 7:30 pm at the Free Medical Ctinic Waiting Room, 502 E. Washington. FLASH! Final negotiations are now in progress for the location of the Feminist House, which will be a center to bring Ann Arbor women together for many activities, part of which will be the Women's Crisis Center! Counselors, sisters wanting to work in areas such as Finance, Media, Referrals and Training are needed. Bring ideas, energy and love with you! Cali Judy, who is working with the Media Group for more information at 761-2795! FLASH! COVER PHOTO: Human Rights Party candidates David Black, Genie Plamondon, Nancy Romer Burghardt, Nancy Wechsler and Jerry Degrieck. Creative Arts Workshop's holds their meetings every Thursday at 5:30 pm at The Community Center on Washington St! Join the People's Programs! The Creative Arts Workshop s having an Art Sale and Open House at the Washington St. Community Center on April 9. If you have any farout art you'd like to donate to be sold contact. Robin or Walden at 663-6746 before Maren 26. All profits will go to help build the Creative Arts Workshop! FLASH! National Chess Tournament to be held in the Congregational Church across from Marks on Williams on April 7, 8, 9. The weekend wil raise funds for the Free People's Clinic and give brothers and sisters a chance to get together and play with other brothers and sisters. For more information cali Rudy 663-7106 FLASH! We just got a really high energy Writers Workshop going here in Ann Arbor. We planned to meet Thursday night 7 to 9 which will be a quiet, talk about your work session, and Sunday nights will be open poetry readings. Locations will be shiftingsocall Ellen 971-9367 for more information. Poetry & Prose for the People! FLASH! Matrix, the Peoples Community Center Library is now open! We'd Mke to stock our shelves with books, pamphlets and magazines which inspire the mind & heart to learn to love and to live productively and since our perceptions only range through a few people more response would be appreciated! Any literature you have that is revelant and spare please drop it off at the Community Center at 502 E. Washington during the days! EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO PEOPLE'S POWER!