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A temporary studio is being set up in the basement of the Washington Street Community Center (502 E. Washington), so we can start having some killer workshops NOW! All workshops are open to everyone, no matter what your level of experience in an area is- the idea is to get together and learn together. Here is the schedule as it now stands:

Sunday, March 5, 7:30 pm- Writers' Workshop: This will be a time for writers in our community to share their work with each other and with the community. Plans include presenting open poetry readings, doing a series of broadside posters, discussing our work and learning together, contacting other local writers, and anything else we can dream up.

Monday, March 6, 7 pm- Media Workshop: This will focus primarily on radio as a communications medium, with the goal being to provide alternative quality programming for and by the community. Plans now include putting together tapes for distribution- pertinent interviews, radio theater, good music- and hopefully getting some live time on local stations.

Tuesday, March 7, 12 noon- Jewelry and Copper Enameling Workshop: This will be a place for us to come together and share our skills in these areas. We've got some basic tools and knowledge- and the possibilities of beautiful and expressive things that can be done in this area is endless.

Wednesday, March 8, 7 pm-Drawing and Painting Workshop: What we do will depend on what the people in this workshop want to get into. Possibilities include basic drawing, basic watercolor and acrylic painting, experimentation with wax relief, washes inks, and other painting techniques, collages and lettering- we're open to all possibilities!

Thursday, March 9, 12 noon-Leather Workshop: Come to learn and share ideas about handcrafted leather goods. If you have tools or leather scraps that you could share, it would really be far-out!

Also planned to begin soon are: a Yarn and Material Crafts Workshop, which will go into macrame, crocheting, (and other yarn and string crafts), batik, sewing, and weaving; and an Indian beading workshop. Call the Community Center (persistently) at 663-6746 and watch the SUN for days and times, and also if you have any other questions.


-Walden Simper  Creative Arts Workshop