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Support The People's Ballroom-give Yourself!

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The People's Ballroom moved another step towards completion recently when part of the heating system was nstalled. However, we are still having trouble getting thewiringtogether, so the heaters are not running at this time. As soon as they are ready, we can begin the serious work of building the ballroom. The heaters should be operable in a couple of days, so there will be a lot of work to do. A lot of people will be needed to make the ballroom ready for rockin & rollin. As soon as the heat is in, we will start to scrub away thirty years worth of car grease, and paint the walls. We also have to nsulate the ceiling, put down a floor, install plumbing, and numerous other jobs. We need as many people to work as we can get, so please come down to the Community Center and check it out, or cali DRUG HELP and ask them to put your name and number in the community center mailbox and mark it ballroom. We especially need people who have electrical or carpentry skills, but there is work for everybody . The People's Ballroom will only become a reality f the people help build t. MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE SUPPORT THE PEOPLE'S PROGRAMS People's Music & room Committee