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WABX 99.5 FM 961-8888 7am-11pm Mon-Fri Jerry Goodwin 11am-3pm- Mon-Thurs Dafce Dixon 11am-3pm - Fri Dick Thyne 3pm-7pm -Mon Dick Thyne 3pm-7pm- Tues-Fri Mark Parenteau 7pm-1 1pm -Mon-Fri Dennis Frawley 11pm-3am -Mon-Fri Ann Christ 3am-7am- Wed- Fri Jim Dulzo WEEKEND ; SATURDAY 7am- -Dick Thyne noon- 5pm- Mark Parenteau 5pm- 1 0pm- rotates 10pm-1am- Larry Monroe 1am- 7am- Jim Dulzo SUNDAY 7am- noon- Dick Thyne noon- 5pm- Dave Dixon 5pm- lOpm -Larry Monroe 10pm-2!30 am- Jim Dulzo WCBN 89.5 FM 761-3500 MONDAY 1115 pm-3am- John Blattner TUESDAY 1 1 :15pm- 3am- Mike O'Brien WEDNESDAY 11:1 5pm-3am- Alvin McClure THURSDAY 11:1 5prh- 3am- Josh Pack ter FRIDAY 11:15pm-3am- Riek Sanok SATURDAY 1 1 : 15pm-3am -Jeff Hirsh SUNDAY 11:1 5pm-3am -Randy Brooks CJOM 88.7 FM 252-7313 (519) MONDAY-FRIDAY 6am-9am---Mike Linder 9am-1pm- Greg Frith 1pm- 5pm- Dave Tallington 5pm- -Dave Loncao 9pm-1am -Larry Himmel lam- 6am- Joe Moore SATURDAY-SUNDAY rotating schedule SUNDAY Rainbow Radio- 6pm-1 1 pmwith Righteous Rudnick WNRZ 102.9 FM 663-0569 MONDAY thru SATURDAY 6am-noon- Doug Stone noon- 6pm- Sid Clements 6pm-midnight- Terry Berbstadt SATURDAY NIGHT noon- 6pm - Mike Green 6- midnight- Ken Benson WRIF 101 FM354-WRIF During week programmed progressive rock from the files of ABC, N.Y. SUNDAY 9pm-11pm-SPARE CHANGE with Peter Werbe MONDAY-SATURDAY 10am-1 1am- Mike Benner WDET 101.9 FM 577-4147 SATURDAY, March 4 midnight: JAZZ TODAY with Bud Spangier MONDAY, March 6 9:00pm: JAZZ TODAY with Bud Spangier TUESDAY, March 7 10:30pm: DIMENSIÓN with Charles Moore SATURDAY, March 11 midnight: JAZZ TODAY with Bud Spangier MONDAY, March 13 8:00pm: ALL TOGETHER NOW, a view of the life of women in different countries: their role n the family and in the economie and political life of the society. 9:00pm: JAZZ TODAY with Bud Spangier TUESDAY, March 14 10:25pm: THE ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS NOW! 1030: DIMENSIÓN with Charles Moore The Relationship of Being. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15 11:30: WE ARE TOGETHER, for and by Native Americans, featuring the Indian as artist, musician, poet and activist.