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Nixon's Satellite To Scope Out Dope!

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The US Bureau of Narcotics and the Agriculture Department are spending $2 million n an attempt to solate what they cali "the peculiar signature of the marijuana plant." If successful, they will be able to find marijuana fields by using satellites in orbit. Dr. Robert Miller of the US Agriculture Department explained that a "signature" is the growth pattern of a plant during its one-year growth to maturity. Dr. Miller said that scientists hope to uncover the pattern during which the marijuana plant absorbs light and heat- and when t gives off Mght and heat. Using this nformation, satellites would be able to lócate cultivated marijuana f elds with the use of sensors from orbits n space. The nformation would then be radioed to appropriate enforcement agencies on the ground. According to the January edition of "Aviation Week and Space Technology," Dr. Miller said that government test centers to study marijuana would probably be located in Texas, Arizona and Florida::