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GAY FOLKS WANTED to correspond about their lives. Write Bill W., 2608 W. 26th St. Erie, Pa. 16506. MARIJUANA-HASH TEST KIT. End burns and bummers. Kit contains enough chemical for 5075 tests for THC concentration. Be the first on your block! Rush $5.98 to Legal Ventures, Dept. AAS. Box 7546, Atlanta, Ga. 30309. FINISH READING ASSIGNMENTS and get out on the streets. Doublé your reading speed, same comprehension. Almost instant results, cheap. Cali Michael Thoryn at 761-6683. NEEDED! OLDIES! New or used, pro-mo, anything-45's or 78's. Will trade or sell! Cali Daniel LaRue 434-01 77. FOR SALE! SUPER BARGIN! Accoustic 260 amplifers, $650 apiece-VS off regular price. Two years old, in great shape, louder than most anything! Transistor sound. 2-1 5's in each bottom. Cali Mortie, right now, at 424-01 77. FOR SALE! P.A. SYSTEM. Head-West-Fillmore, 200 watts- about 400 peak. Only $300-Brain only. Only 8 hours on the unit tubes. Cali Dan at 434-0177. ARE YOU A LIBERALRADICAL law student or lawyer nterested in education Ann Arbor's younger people about their rights? l'm very nterested in young people's legal rights and am willing to learn. If you can help cali Alice at 668-8776 mornings 8-10:30 or evenings 6-9:30. AN ODE TO WILHELM REICH isa 2-act play. Send $1 to M.O. Publications, 1921 1 Tracey, Detroit, Mi. 48235. MUST SELL! 1966 DODGE VAN. It's a used Consolidated Gas Co. truck with tooi racks in back. 72,000 miles on it, Holly Carb, heavy duty clutch. Oversized alternator. In excellent condition. l'm buying a jeep so I won't need this van. l've put $850 in it, will sell for $700. Cali Garry Keyes at 449-4139. NON-PUD adept rhythm & blues, rock & roll blues musician wanted. Cali Barbara, oj-ooo. INSOMNIACS ASSOCIATED will meet this Fri., March 3rd at the 3198 Oakwood and every other Friday after that! For more information cali 971-6867 or 971-4756. SOURCE CATALOG, No. 1 Communications. Source is a book of the People's deeds, a catalog of revolution in action. A guide to our people's groups at work in such areas as Guerrila Theater, People's Video and Radio, Communication, Networks and People's Libraries. Includes descriptions of hundreds of books, films and tapes, useful in speeding, spreading and initiating change. At your local bookstore. A RAINBOW SISTER needs a clean, comfortable single mattress. Cali Jeanie Walsh at 761-1709 or stop by at 1520 Hill Stree. FREE ART LESSONS! Cali Bill at 761-7623 evenings. POETS AND ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY people! The Ann Arbor Journal is preparing its second volume. Submissions should be sent to Ann Arbor Journal, 428 Hamilton, Ann Arbor, Mi. Or phone 482-5766 or 761-201 7. THIS SP ACE IS YOUR SPACE! To place a free ad in the Ann Arbor SUN, write all information on a postcard snd send it to: Free Ads, Ann Arbor SUN, 1520 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Mi. 48104. DO IT YOURSELF DOPE BOOKLETS. The Com Complete Cannabis Cultivator. DMT Guide, Marijuana Consumer's & Dealer's Guide, Organic Psychedelics-Synthesis & Extraction. All booklets $1 each post paid. Send cash, check, or money order todav for your very own to: Legal Ventures, Dept. AAS, Box 7546, Atlanta, Ga. 30309. Wholesale inquiries invited. EXPERIENCED STUDENT CAN do all types of haircutting from simple trim to super shags. Don't let barbers shave your head; or wallets. l'm sympathetic to long locks! Cali Liz at 764-9682.