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The furthest out thing about working in this election is meeting all the people.

Everything we're doing is pointing to bringing us all together, to figure out ways for us to work together and organize ourselves. All the different tasks involved in winning this election have to do with contact, with communication: we have found that once people see a leaflet or talk to someone from the Human Rights Party they start thinking a whole lot more about the possibilities a new third party and what we can do once on City Council are. The main problem is learning how or organize ourselves to get the necessary job done.


One of our most important tasks is to make sure that every voter if not every person who lives in Ann Arbor gets at least one leaflet that will draw their attention to the fact of a third party and run clown some of the issues we're all involved in. In the first, second, and third wards where the chances of winning are more than good we have a number of leaflets planned that will need distributing throughout the campaign before election day. There are maps in the HRP office (304 S. Thayer) and in the third ward campaign office ( 1520 Hill St.) which are being marked in color to show where the leaflets have been distributed so we won't be duplicating effort. There are also posters and bumper stickers to be distributed. If you have any time at all come by either office and pick up whatever stuff you have time to do. At the end of the campaign we'll try to organize a dean-up-after-the-election consciousness so people will organize to recycle as much of the paper as possible.


Going around door to door and talking with people directly is killer! It 's really important to do this after an area has been leafleted lo compile and keep lists of findings. Knowing ahead of time a close approximation of who is voting for what candidate helps at the end of the campaign when last efforts are being made to inform people about the Human Rights Party before the election. This is the most direct communication people can have with the people in the different wards and gives us an opportunity to go around and find out first hand just who lives in Ann Arbor and what work is needed to relate us lo each other. Canvassing is an extremely important job and takes really dedicated people who are interested in other people and in helping people understand what the possibilities are. Maps are marked in different colors to show where canvassers have been too, again so we won't be duplicating our efforts.


Paper communication lays a groundwork for people to begin thinking about the Human Rights Party and the issues it raises. It's very important follow that up and provide ways for supportive or interested or curious people to investigate further the Human candidate in their ward. Pick a night you could have a number of people in your home and coordinate it with the candidate, put out a leaflet in your neighborhood, tell your friends, and have a good time. We've been doing this as often as possible and have had some of the most rewarding experiences this way, with people talking together about the future plans we'll be carrying out once on Council and giving people an opportunity to meet and question the candidates first hand. Getting friends to give similar ward meetings is an important to spread the word as much as possible. Let us know if you are interested in such a gathering or whatever you might have in mind to help the candidates meet the people.


Along with all the informational work is the purely organizational work in the offices. Making telephone calls to find out who can leaflet on what days and where and being there in the offices to talk with people who want to work and keeping track of everything is a job of constant work every day. There is always stuff to do all day so come on over and help.


The voting day itself will come all too soon. April 3 is not very far away. That day it's gonna be all to easy for so many people to forget about voting - we're gonna need a whole crew of workers to be on the phone reminding people. And there will be people needing rides and all sorts of things to ensure they make it to the polls. This year with the 18 year old vote it'll be fun to go to the polls and see all our friends, but we need more volunteer help than ever for election day itself all day until 8:00 at night. Be sure and call either office and leave word yon can help on election day in any way even if just to make some phone calls. There's not too much time left even now.


I here's a lot of different things we need money for paying for all the materials needed to inform people and phone bills are two of the main expenses. There are a lot of ways to raise money, ward meetings can become fund raisers, letters can be sent to friends and family and interested people you know of. Please don't hesitate to help fund all this stuff, it's badly needed, economics is the base from where we start, and it's in all of our interests any way.




304 S. Thayer 761-6621


1520 Hill Street