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Tribal Council Meeting Notes

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tribal council meeting notes

For all those people who have been out of town for the last few days we'd like to say welcome back and take this opportunity to remind everyone of a few upcoming community events.

TRIBAL FEAST-- First of all, there is going to be another monthly Tribal Council Feast and Community Meeting this coming Tuesday evening beginning at 6 pm, March 21st, at the Human Rights Party office at 304 S. Thayer St. The office is located right next to the Bell Tower Hotel, right near Hill Auditorium. We decided to hold this month's meeting there so that we could all become more familiar with the HRP and so the HRP could become more involved with what the Tribal Council is doing as well. It's a killer big office and f enough people come we should have a great meeting! Also, after the dinner and meeting we're going to be showing the Brain Mistrust slide show about the war and there should be a discussion after that. Sister Arlene Griffin will also be there to give her report on the conference that was held a few weeks ago with the North Vietnamese delegation in Paris. Hopefully by the time the April Tribal Feast comes around we'll be able to start having our community meetings in the new people's ballroom and since there will be lots of room for everyone we should be able to have a great Tribal celebration!! Hope to see everyone this coming Tuesday at the HRP office on Thayer St. at 6 pm. Bring Food!!

The last two Tribal Council meetings were held on Feb.

29th and Mrach 7th. At the Feb. 29th meeting we discussed the County Mental Health meeting that was held March 8th concerning drugs. It was decided to have Sam Smith go to the meeting representing the Tribal Council. Discussion of the new name for the community center took place and the Tribal Council gave their full endorsement of the name People's Community Center. However the final decision on the new name has not been made yet. We'll be sure to let everyone know when it's final.

PEOPLE'S RADIO-- A new Radio Workshop has developed out of the Creative Workshop. Plans are being made to make tapes to be aired over WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor and WABX-FM in Detroit. There are regular meetings. For more information about this workshop, what it's into and times for meetings contact Shawn at 665-7437 or 663-9751.

STUDENT UNIONS--The latest report from the student unions is that the Scarlett Student Union had their first meeting and that student union meetings may be approved at Tappan soon. Join your local Student Union!

COMMUNITY BAIL FUND-- People should again be reminded that there is a community bail fund open to you and that f you get popped and need help just call Ozone House. They are currently running the bail fund for SGC and there is no credit check.

Also, don't forget the workshop meetings, if you're a writer there are now two meetings a week- on Sunday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 in the basement of the Community Center.

There will be a meeting on March 19th at the Old School of Public Health to elect the new Community-Worker Board of Directors for the Free People's Clinic. The meeting starts at 7:30 pm. Come and help build the Clinic!

DIRK FISHER-- If you didn't catch last Sunday's Ann Arbor News you might want to find a copy and check out the article that the News printed about Dirk Fisher and how they summarized our investigation etc. We'll have a more lengthy discussion at the upcoming Tribal Council Steering Committee meeting on Match 14, so watch the next issue of the SUN for our report on the A2 News and their article about brother Dirk and his death last December.

Don't forget the Tribal Feast March 21st. We want to have lots of people there. Please bring food to share! Last month there wasn't enough for everyone and a lot of people missed out on dinner that night. SUPPORT THE TRIBAL COUNCIL! LET IT GROW!

--Jeanie Walsh for the Tribal Council Steering Committee

If you have agenda points for Tuesday evening meetings please contact Jeanie Walsh at 761-1709 before 4:00 pm of any Tuesday.