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On Monday, April 3, an historie election will take place in Ann Arbor. With the Human Rights Party on the ballot, the 18 year oíd vote, and students from U of M being able to vote here in town, it looks like our people have a good chance of gaining some real representation on City Council. Because of the importance of this election the People's Campaign, a non-partisan organizaron working to get out the vote on election day, is sponsoring a number of events over the weekend of the campaign to get people's spirits ready for the election and to get people out to vote on Monday. Saturday, April 1, at 8 p.m. there will be a huge People's Campaign Concert at Hill Auditorium with Detroit featuring Mitch Ryder, Spencer Davis, Wilderness Road, (a killer people's band from Chicago) and Guardian Angel. John Sinclair will rap and Bob Rudnick will M.C. Admission is $2.00 at the door or at the Michigan Union, all proceeds will go to the People's Campaign. Easter Sunday, April 12, there will be an Easter Human Be-In in Ann Arbor. Bring back the Spirit of '67 as we come together to "be-in" and get high with all our brothers and sisters in Ann Arbor. Bring food, tokes, kids, frisbees, and lots of energy. We aren't sure where t will be yet but listen to the radio and check out the streets for the news. From the Be-In on Sunday afternoon people will head for the rock and roll Election Boogie in the Union Ballroom, featuring Teegarden & VanWinkle with some of the that "good old rock & roll," 8th Day, who recorded the hit single "She's Not Just Another Woman," the mighty Up, and Silverhawk. We'll start gettin down at 8:00 and admission is again $2.00 at the door, with all proceeds going to the People's Campaign. With#all the energy built up from being together and rockin' and rollin' so many ot our brothers and sisters over the weekend, we will be ready for the most important day of the campaign, Election Day April 3. First of all. needless to say, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE. In an effort to get all the people who are registered out to vote, the People's Campaign is providing an Election Day Central phone, 761-6650, that will have all the information you may need about voting; where to vote, how to get there. There will be shuttle service from dormitories to the polls and at least three radio dispatched cars that will piek up people all over the city to take them to the polls to vote. So if you need information about voting, or need a ride to the polls on Election Day, cali 761-6650. After you do get to the polls to vote, all you have to do is fill out a little slip of paper they will give you with your name and and address. After that the poll worker will check for your name in their records. When you go into the voting booth, close the curtain behind you. The machine in the booth has dozens of levers, but only a few of them are labelled. At the very top you will see a copy of the Ashley-First (PackardBeakes) bypass proposal. Under it will be a lever labelled yes and one labelled no. We strongly urge people to vote no. (See centerfold of this issue) Below , you will see the three candidates for City Council in your ward. Of course, the SUN urges you to vote for the Human Rights Party Candidates, Jerry DeGrieck, 1st Ward, Nancy Wechsler, 2nd Ward, Genie Plamondon, 3rd Ward, David Black, 4th Ward. and Nancy Romer Burghardt, 5th Ward. To vote, pull the lever down. If you pull the wrong lever, you can just push it back up and pull down s different one. Your vote is not registered until you open the curtain. So take your time and make sure that you have voted for your choice bef ore you open the curtain and leave. Election Day is the busiest day of the campaign. The Human Rights Party estimates that it will need at least 200 or 300 people to work that Monday. If you can dónate any of your time at all, even if you haven't worked on the campaign thus far, please cali the HRP at 761-6621 or the Genie Plamondon Campaign Headquarters at 668-7206, or stop by the HRP office at 304 S. Thayer. David Black, HRP 4th Ward candidate, won his suit against the city to have his name put on the ballot. He challenged the unfair election law that said you had to be a registered voter in a particular ward for one year before you could run for City Council. The final voter registration figures have been released and they clearly show the amount of strength and power that we can have in this election. There are now 57,942 registered voters n the city of Ann Arbor. That total is up 35% f rom last year. Of that total, 7,050 are 18-20 years old. Of all the eligible 18-20 year olds 50% are registered. Of all people who are eligible in this city, 83% are registered. The figures for the individual wards are 1st Ward, 13,224 total registered v,o ter sof which 2,231 or 18% are 18-20 year old; 2nd Ward, with 9,722 total, of which 25 9 Oor 27% are 18-20 year olds; .and 3rd Ward, with a total of 14,106 total people registered, while 1,0 93 or 7% of them are 1 8-20 year olds. As Election Day gets closer and it becomes more and more evident that the Human Rights Party can really win two or three seats on City Councii, the Democrats and Republicans get more freaked out. At the Monday night, April 27, City Councii meeting, Linda Ross, speaking for the SGC requested a permit for a sound truck to go around the city urging people to get out to vote. A similar permit was issued during Voter Registration Week to be used to urge people to register. But this time the permit was denied. The strange part is that the vote was 4 to 3 in favor of granting the permit, but it was denied because you have to have a majority of councii to pass anything, and four of the councilmen were not sent. The vote was strictly along party lines with the three Democratie councilmen and the mayor voting for issuing the permit while the three Republicans voted against. The reason given for denying the permit was that it will cause undo disturbance to residente on Election Day. It seems strange that Voter Registration was not so disturbing. The real reason for the change of heart is the Republicans have seen how strong and organized the Human Rights Party is and they are scared. They know that if the people get out to vote, the Human Rights Party will win. There will be a sound truck however, as we challenge the city to deny the people the right. It's going to be a very close campaign. If enough excitement is generated and everyone gets out to vote, we really can win. The election on Monday is being watched all over the country as people look to see how the youth vote wül ge. We already know. Remember togoto the People's Campaign Concert at Hill Auditorium Saturday April 1, The Ann Arbor Human Be-In on Easter Sunday April 2, and the rock and roll Election Boogie in the Union Ballroom Sunday night. Also DON'T FORGET TO VOTE. April 3; SEIZE THE TIME' VOTE HRP ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE !