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What do you think the chances are for the Human Rights Party to get their candidates elected to city council? Richard Steinhart student. Well, personally, l'm one of Genie's precinct captains, and I just got back from Jamacia. l'm really confident that we're gonna win control of the city council, from there sort of start a vanguard for different places around the country and take other offices in the f all. We're definitely going to win. Maclntyre: I do as Mulé as possible. I think f the Human Rights Party makes an immediate statement, backing the war for Freedom in Ireland, they have an excellent chance because the Gods will smile on all their endeavors. Sheila Wilcox: student. Pretty slim, there are not that many students interested. l've seen some of their platform and some of it sn't gonna go over. Michael O'Brien: unemployed Disc Jockey. Well, I think f that can happen anyplace, then Ann Arbor would be a good place for that to happen. I think t will be interesting on April 3rd. Harriet Harsen: speech major. Definitely. defintely do. I voted n the student elections and I really feel the school is getting it toaether. instead of just being totally radical and bombarding everything. I feel they definitely have an excellent chance.