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If you see the pólice stop, harrass, or arrest some one you should: 1. Identify yourself as being f rom the Ann Arbor Tribal Council andthat the People's Defense Committee is investigating the Ann Arbor Pólice Dept. 2. Request that the officer f i II out what is known as a Citizen Receipt of Pol ice Contact. He is required to do so. 3. Find out exactly what is going on; why the person is being stopped or arrested, how the pólice act toward both the person being stopped and towards you. 4. Get the name and address or phone number of the person being stopped, and name and badge number of the officer. 5. Get the names of any witnesses that might have seen what happened. 6. If the person is being arrested, find out who they would like you to get in touch with. 7. It must be stressed that when investigating that we always remain completely calm, polite, and rational. If the officer questions your right to investígate or threatens you in any way, you should calmly inform him that what you are doing is not Ilegal and that you are acting as a concerned citizen. If the pólice officer is completely irrational and attempts to arrest you, do not resist. When you t your phone cali, cali SOS in Ypsilante at 4853222. 8. After compiling all the information, bring it to the Rainbow People's Party House at 1520 HUI St. or bring it to the Tribal Council meetings.