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What do you think that the two new Human Rights Party city council members, Jerry Degrieck and Nancy Wechsler will be able to do in their term?

Larry Doeman, Hippie. It's hard to tell. But to start off with it looks like what they can do at the beginning is to expose corruption in the regime.

David, musician. Well I never believed in electoral politics at all, but I figure that now that they're there we could do something far out and if not, we'll just take to the streets.

Crystal Yarlott, oppressed waitress. It seems that there are a lot of people that have more power than they do and they're not going to be able to do that much.

Mariene Strahota, Clerk Cashier at the University of Michigan. The fact that there are two of them there now, means the other members are going to have to reckon with them. l'm really glad about it because f they are really smart and sharp people are going to notice and they are going to have to listen and take young people and new and better ideas into consideration.

This issue's Voice of the People was done by Mike Fitzpatrick.