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QUESTION: The Ann Arbor Sun and the Rainbow People's Party is having its first anniversary May 1st. How do you view their past accomplishments and how do yo you feel they can serve the people more effectivey in the future?

Ron Huber–Graduate student– That's a toughy. I think they have accomplished something in the way of getting John Sinclair out of jail. I think that the radical movement s really up against it with the way Nixon has been running things. We're going to have to work hard to do something about this situation. It's going to take more than just beating Nixon– he is a symbol of deeper problems.

Doug Hall–Student There is one type of of people and then there s another kind of people. The one type of people is the guys who take pot and the other type are just regular people. And I think you should always have things about regular people n the Sun too.

Dan Ellsworth– Who the hell am I? I'II be a student– I think they were instramental in getting the Human Rights Party people elected. They acted as real good publicity. They acted like publicity people for the youth culture. I wish they would clean up their front lawns.

Kathy– Waitress: The Sun is great! As far as keeping up with what is going on. They should do something to get closer to the people. The students they should let them know what they are doing. Ann Arbor s a bunch of tight little groups. As an outsider would look at it the Rainbow People's Party is part of that group. They need to get together with more people.

This weeks Voice of the People is by Mike Fritpatnck.

COVER: A family from the village of Ba Gia in Vietnam soon after it was hit by American bombers. This photo was taken several years ago; last week the bombing of Vietnam was drastically increased by Tricky Dick.