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FLASH! FREE MARIJUANA! Monday, May 8th at 7:30 Ann Arbor's newly proposed laws concerning the marijuana issue will go before City Council in a public hearing. We can force the City to do the Human thing and make the marijuana law a 25¢ fine. You can make your voice heard. Come to City Hall May 8th and tell your council representatives your views. TOKE IT EVERYWHERE!

FLASH! The workers at the Commission on Professional Hospital Activities (CPHA) are on strike for union recognition. The company has hired strike breakers to try and end this strike. Numerous demonstrations have been held in support of the stikers, with increasing support. The workers need your help. For more information call the Human Rights Party office at 761-6650.

FLASH! The People's Ballroom will be opening SOON, but we still need people's energy. Skilled carpenters are needed to finish the ballroom floor, and if anyone has any spare lights (especially stage lights), those are needed too! Cali or come by the Community Center and help build the Ballroom! (Community Center Project meets at 3:00 every Tuesday.) Watch the Sun for information on a Rock 'n Roll celebration of the opening of the People's Ballroom.

FLASH! Experienced Freaked Out Bus Driver for the Summer Citys Program– Must have a Chauffer's liscense. Want to spend your summer bussin? Cali Richard or leave a message at the Community Center Project Office, 663-6746.

FLASH! The Creative Arts Workshop needs YOUR energy! When completed, it will provide facilities for many, many arts & crafts, activities, and there will also be a storefront where artwork that is made in the workshop can be sold. We need people to do the physical building of the Workshop, and also people who are into running workshops. Come to the Creative Arts Workshop meeting at 5:30 every Monday, to help make this plan a reality.

FLASH! Don't Forget To Vote! If you are a registered voter here in Ann Arbor and you are going to be splitting town during the summer REMEMBER that there are school board elections coming up in June. You can vote by Absentee Ballots! For the School Board elections stop by the Human Rights Party office at 304 S. Thayer and sign up. For the Presidential primaries ballots go to City Hall. Ask for the City Clerks desk. USE THE POWER! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!

FLASH! Drug Help will soon be accepting new people to its staff. This means comitting yourself to taking a training course and learning to operate the phones. We need new energy! Come to the organizational meeting May 3rd at 7:00 at the Community Center. Let it Grow!

FLASH! Happy Birthday to our brother Pun Plamondon, born in Taurus on April 27, 1945. He's the only member of the Central Committee of the RPP left in prison and due to new federal rulings is supposed to be able to receive mail now. Hopefully he'll be on the streets this summer despite efforts by the system to keep him in. More about this soon. Write to him: Pun Plamondon 28859-138 Box 33 Terre Haute, Indiana 47808.

FLASH! Saturday May 6– 9:00 - 3:00 GET RID OF YOUR TRASH –HELP YOUR PARK. Once again this year the City of Ann Arbor will not be able to make a Spring refuse pick-up of old furniture, yard trash, etc. The South University Neighborhood Improvement Association (open to all residents of Mack, Elm, Walnut and Linden Streets, Wilmot Court and South University and Geddes Avenues between Elm and Oxford) is providing this service for our neighborhood. Pick-ups will be made Saturday, May 6 between 9 and 3. Please have your trash on the lawn extension by 9 am. We are asking a contribution of one dollar or more per household or apartment to cover the cost of truck rental. The pick-up is the only fund-raising project this season for the South University Neighborhood Park. The park has been developed and is entirely maintained by neighborhood residents. We have no city money!! Clean out your basement and improbe your park. Please give your contribution to the pickup crew or leave them a note and we will call for it later. For further information cali Dr. Peter Blos, 1725 South University, 769-8594 or Michael Morris, 535 Walnut, 769-3758

FLASH! City Councilwomen Nancy Wechsler (and some friends) need another home for the fall. We're staying in the 2nd Ward so it will have to be in that area. A 3-6 beroom house or apartment desired. Please cali 7612614 or 761-6650 (HRP office)