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Meeting Notes

Everyone should first off be reminded that the first Tribal Feast to be held in the new Community Center will take place on May 7th which is the first Sunday in May and about two weeks away so put it on your calendar now so you don't forget about it and miss out on the celebration! The dinner will begin around 5:00 pm this month. As soon as the parks program gets under way we may have to change either the time or the place of the Tribal Feasts. It would be far-out to have the feasts once a month at the park and have everyone bring food and have a real good time listening and dancin' to good music and sharin' good food together! Whew!

For all those people who are interested in working at the Community Center, Drug Help is going to have another training session at the beginning of May. Call 761-HELP for more details.

The Free Clinic holds meetings every Sunday evening at the Clinic to discuss business and issues and other plans affecting the Clinic and its relationship to the community. There is going to be discussion at the next few meetings of Clinic ideology and what role the clinic should have in the political life of the community and just general discussion of purpose etc. All those interested are invited to come.

The Parks Program will hopefully begin somewhere around the second week in June. The Food Committee wants to take on the responsibility of providing good food at the park this summer. All those who are interested in working on that project should contact Jeanie Walsh at 761-1709 so we can arrange a meeting. Leave your phone number if she's not there.

The latest report on the ballroom is that the walls are being prepared for painting and we also need to locate skilled carpenters and people who can help lay the hardwood floor. Call Ozone House or come by the Community Center at 502 E. Washington St.

Some people who are working with the Communications Committee have put together a newsletter and reading sheet for the community. It's on sale for 30 cents with 2/3 of the money going to the Artist's Workshop and the other 1/3 goes to the person who sells it. There should be copies available at the community center or at the Rainbow House, 1520 Hill St. The report from the radio workshop is that we are going to be putting together a five minute show every week about the Tribal Council and all the different committees to be aired on WCBN. Watch the Sun for more details about that. Some time in the future we hope to be able to set up classes to teach people the basics of ham radio operation and the necessary information that you need to get an F.C.C, operating license. Watch the Sun and listen to your radio for more information about that. If we can get that particular project together then we will be that much closer to all our brothers and sisters around the state and we will be able to build a real state-wide people's communications network! Free the Airways!

That's all the news that we have to report this issue. We'd like to remind everyone that Tribal Council meetings are held every Tuesday evening at the Community Center and if anyone has an agenda point for the meeting please call it in to Jeanie Walsh at 761-1709 before 4 pm of any Tuesday. HELP BUILD OUR COMMUNITY!! JOIN THE TRIBAL COUNCIL!! LET IT GROW!! 

-Jeanie Walsh-for the Tribal Council Steering Committee