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Do you feel that voting in the May 16th primaries can effect change?

Smith-Dental student- I would if I was registered, but I'm not. The issues that are at stake are important, and no person who's living in this country should refrain from voting because everything that happens affects their lives, whether they realize it or not.

Pat Kraft-thinker- Yeah, I want McGovern to win because he said he would end the war quickly. That's the only reason.

Brad Guier- I'm gonna vote in the primary because I think it's one step towards unity and I want to end the war. I think little by little the more people who stay into this trip will have a chance to have a little more smoothness in the country.

Cathy Wheeler-student- Yeah, sure am, because we've got to get Nixon out and protest against people like Wallace. If Nixon gets back in things are going to get so much worse. If we can get him out before he starts the Third World War it's going to be short of a miracle.

Paul Mahler-Graduate student in anthropology- Yes, because I want to see Nixon out of there and McGovern in. I think McGovern will end the war. I don't think he'll do much else, but that's important enough.

This weeks Voice of the People is by Mike Fitzpatrick.