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The third meeting of the Tribal Council Sisters got together on Saturday, May 6, and began with a tribal dinner of good foods which we all brought. We got high on the food, looked around and realized that there were more than twice as many people present than there had been at the first two meetings. We talked about ourselves as individuals, our selves as people and as sisters our relationship with people everywhere and just basically who we are and what we can do to bring all people closer together.

We feel it is of primary importance to the community that all people can relate to this newly born sisters group. We feel that through total unity with all people, working together, we can bring about a world where people can live together in harmony. We also feel the need for sisters to come together, we've had sexist ruses put on us too long and this has scattered our strength. Coming together we can break down separations between sisters and breaking down separation between sisters is a step in breaking down separations between all people.

We fully support the Tribal Council and are committed to work within all ten existing committees and towards the expansion of the Tribal Council as a whole. We need anaylsis and a definition of our community and we as the Tribal Council Sisters will be helping to redefine and organize our community and community work.

We have a huge struggle before us to build a strong and healthy community in the face of the old. We need everyone participating to their fullest potential to bring this about and sisters have a hard time breaking out of old roles we are taught to live up to. We are not a women's liberation group seeking equality with men only--we are Tribal Council sisters dedicated to creating a new society that involves everyone as fully as possible and we feel that sisters have some very special things to add to our vision of the future, as do black people and young people.

We hope you can dig it, we all do, and that's why all sisters are invited to come to the next Tribal Council Sisters meeting. It's Saturday, May 13 at 5:00 at 2007 Washtenaw. Bring food and bring your sisters. Unity is Strength!! Brothers and Sisters Unite!!

 --Kathy Kroll and Kathy Kelley for the Tribal Council Sisters