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QU ESTION: Last week city council passed a law making possession and sales of marijuana a $5 fine. IVhat do you think about this step, helping to totally f ree marijuana everywhere? Georgia Sternberg, student: I think t should be legalized. This is pretty good, but you shouldn't have to pay anything. Chris Moody, University employee: It's bomb, but it still has to be legalized, you know that.There's a lot of people gettin high. Gary Sarter, I think marijuana should be legalized, cause everybody's smokin t now, even the parents, and they used to teil their children not to smoke t. It's a lot better for you than damn cigarettes, and a lot of people Mke marijuana better than cigarettes. Helen Oavis, retired college professor: l'm not really prepared to answer that because I haven't read enougfr about t, but l'm nclined to think there are better ways of handling it than through arrest. Steve Elliott, worker: It's a good good step cause t's less dangerous but it should be legalized. It doesn't really make that much difference cause evervbody always smoked marijuana anyway. It doesn't matter about the laws cause nobody paid attention to them anyway. This weeks Voice of the People s bv Mike F itzpatrick.