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Mike O'brien On Wnrz

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DJ Mike O'Brien urging you not to "follow leaders, watch your parking meters." Mike, formerly at WNRZ and most recently working at WCBN-FM has been re-hired by NRZ to do the all-night show. WNRZ is under new management, and they've hired Mike in order to relate more closely to the Ann Arbor freek community. In this age of the tightly formatted, impersonal and restrictive approach to radio WNRZ's new efforts (word is that Mike's show is just the beginning of possible changes at the station) will be a welcome relief and may finally provide Ann Arbor with the kind of community-oriented radio we need to have in order to unite and grow. . . Mike will be kicking out the information and the jams starting May 29, six nights a week, from midnight to six. Stay tuned to the SUN for further developments in the battle for people's radio, and tune-in to WNRZ at midnight to check out Mike's show. Cali him up, too, and let him know how you dig it; the number is 663-0569.. . . The last word in the column was that radio stations were being very uncooperative about putting information about the Marijuana Initiative on the air. Since then negotiations have been completed with WABX, and the big X has agreed to run public affairs announcements about the initiative, giving out office phone numbers and announcing various initiative events. CJOM in Windsor and WNRZ in Ann Arbor are also helping to get word of the effort to free marijuana to their listeners. . . . Last minute flash that we need to put here is that any bands out there that want to play at the parks program this summer or want to do gigs for the marijuana initiative should leave a message for John Sinclair at 761-2780. ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER√ú!