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WABX 99.5 961-8888 MONDAY 7am-11arn Jerry Goodwin 1 1anrr-3pm Dave Dixon 3pm-7pm Dan Carlisle 7pm-11pm Dennis Frawley 11pm.-3am Larry Monroe 3am-7am' Dick Thyne TUESDAY Same as Monday 'cept: 3-7pm Mark Parentau 11pm-3am Jim Dulzo WEDNESDAY Same as Tuesday THURSDAY Same as Wednesday cept: 3am-7am Larry Monroe FRIDAY 7am-11am Jerry Goodwin 11am-3pm Dan Carlisle 3pm-7pm Mark Parentay 7pm-11pm Dennis Frawley 11pm-3am Jim Dulzo 3am-7am Larry Monroe SATURDAY 7am-NOON Dan Carlisle N00N-5pm Mark Parentau 5pm-10pm Jim Dulzo 10pm-2am Larry Monroe 2am-7am Dick Thyne SUNDAY 7am-N00N Dan Carlisle N00.N-5pm Dave Dixon 5pm-10pm rotating 10pm-3am Larry Monro 3am-7am Dick ThyneCJOM 88.7 (519) 252-7313 MONDAY-FRIDAY 1-6am Jon Moore 6-9am Greg Frith 9-1 pm Tim Forsythe 1-5pm D8ve TellingtOn 9-1am Larry Himmel SUNDAY 6am-10am Don Seott Classical 9pm-2am Bob Rudnick RAINBOW RADIO WRIF 101 354-WRIT During the week programmee) progressive rock from the files of ABC, N.Y. SUNDAY 9pm-11om SPARE CHANGE Peter Werbe MONDAY-SATURDAY 9am-10am Mike Benner WNRZ 102.9 663-0569 MONDAY-SATURDAY 6am-N00N Mike Greene N00N-6pm Terry Sandler 6pm-MIDNIGHT Chuck Bocan SUNDAY N00N-6pm Jim Clarke 6pm-MIDNIGHT Gary Hoffer WDET 101.1 577-4147 MONDAYS 9pm JAZZ TODAY Bud Spangier TUESDAYS 10:30 pm JAZZ TODAY Dave Huston SUNDAYS Midnight JAZZ TODAY repeat of Monday's program