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The last regular meeting of the Triba' Council Steering Committee was held on May 9th at the Community Center. The meeting that was scheduled for May 16th was cancelled for regular business and several people went people from PAAW at the S.A.B, to discuss plans for last Friday'sdemonstration on the Diag. So instead of having a regular report about the meetings, we thought it would be good to discuss in more detail just what particular projects are being worked on at this time by the various committees of the Tribal Council. First off, the food committee is working on the parks program and making plans for the food stand at the concerts this summer. For more information about that particular project see the article on this page. The education committee holds its meetings every Thursday evening from 9:00 - 10:30 pm. The past couple of meetings people have been discussing three programs that we would like to see develop here in Ann Arbor. The first idea is to have some type of children's community center where people from the ages of 1-6yrs. could come together everyday to learn and play with each other. We want to avoid the concept of "day-care" as it now exists because we feel place to dumptheir kids everyday without really being concerned about what goes on af ter they split. The second plan is to develop some type of community school as an alternative to public schools here in Ann Arbor. Also, to provide some type of continuing education we would like to establish some type of book club here in Ann Arbor where people would come together to study collectively different books and films etc. which would follow some course of study that people could agree upon beforehand. We'll have more discussion of that idea in future Suns as we clarify our plans. Anyone who is interested in any of these projects should attend the Thursday evening meetings at 2007 Washtenaw, here in Ann Arbor. The Communications committee has been working on several projects in the last few weeks. One of those is the Tribal Network which will be an information switchboard. Right now files are being gathered of all information that the Network shoudl have on hand for people when they cali to find out what's going on in the community, meetings, cultural events etc. People who are interested in working on the N should contact Linda Latham at 662-0310 or leave a message for Mike Minnich at 761-1709. We need lots of people to devote their energy and provide us with information in order for this to be the high-energy information center that we want t to be ! In conjunction with the parks program, the Defense committee is once again organizing the Psychedelic Rangers to work in the park this summer at the free concerts. If you're interested n becoming a Ranger there are meetings every Sunday at 1 1 :00 am. at the People's Ballroom. This year we plan to have people trained in first-aid, drug help, Ozone House training and some selfdefense. Part of the time spent meeting will be spent on learning all those things and discussing the concept of being a Ranger and working in the park with the people. We'd like to see an equal number of brothers and sisters particípate this year so if you're interested please come to the Sunday meetings or contact Craig Blazier or Genie Plamondon at 761-1709! Tribal Council meetings are still being held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 in the People's Ballroom. If you don't know exactly what the Tribal Council does here in the community then come to the meetings and check it out! LIFE TO THE LIFE CULTURE! BUILD THE TRIBAL COUNCIL! Jeanie Walsh - for the Tribal Council Steering Committee