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Park Program June 11

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Unlike last year when we had to go outside of the community to find people to take responsibility for the food at the summer conceras, this year we are going to be able to provide that service from resources and people power within our own community! The Peoples Food Committee of the Tribal Council is taking on this responsibility as their first order of business. Right now the people who are working within the food committee are working in other food related areas within the community. There are people who work with the food co-op warehouse, the produce co-op, Crunchy Munchies, as well as some people who are into making wholesome ice cream and people who have studied a lot about food and cooking and are into providing good food for people to eat as an alternative to the skonker concession trucks that plague our people's gatherings. All money that is not used to buy supplies for the upcoming Sunday concert each week or to pay a small sum to those people who have major areas of responsibility and spend a good portion of each week working on this project, will be given back to the parks program so that we can continue to have free concerts every Sunday this summer. We'd also like to have a small munchies stand inside the people's ballroom so that we can help support free music in the fall and winter as well! So far our plans cali for a lot of good cold fresh fruit and juices and hopefully three kinds of sandwiches, cookies, cake and other baked munchies as well as nuts and hopefully honey ice cream. We'd like to stay away from rice and vegetables this summer because of all the hassles we ran into last year with the Health Dept. and because too often some of that food was wasted each week needlessly. We also hope to be able to do some recycling of cans at the site and try to avoid all the paper litter that we had last summer. That of course will depend on all the people who come to the park to cooperate with us in the recycling effort. We hope to be able to build our own food stand and have literature available to people about food and nutrition as well as other important nformation that people need to know. At this point we need people to help us bring the final plans together and to get ready for our first concert on June 1 1 th. If you're interested in working at the food committee stand this summer come to the meetings held every Friday afternoon at 2:30pm. at Mark's Coffeehouse (or the church yard across the street) or f you can't make that then cali Jeanie Walsh at 761-1709 and leave a message. We need any new ideas that people have about thefood stand as well as donations to help us with the initial investment and to build the stand itself. If you want to help with that end of the project but don't have time each Sunday that would be great! Good Food is High-Energy! EATTOSTAYHIGH! Jeanie Walsh - for the Tribal Council Food Committee