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People's Ballroom

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"Brothers and sisters, ARE YOU READY TO TESTtFY? ARE YOU READY? I GIVE YOU A TESTIMONIAL." The Ann Arbor People's Ballroom s rapidly becoming a reality! For those people who don't know about the ballroom, it's located at the rear of the People's Community Center at 502 E. Washington St. It's purpose is to fulfill the cultural needs of hundreds of Ann Arbor rainbow freeks, that the city refuses to admit exist, and the University realizes the need but refuses to put on regularly scheduled low priced gigs, even for the people who keep the University in operation, the students! The ballroom will provide not only the high energy jams that we need to function, but also will provide people with a space for films, meetings, feasts, anything that requires a mass meeting of our people! People have been working on the ballroom for the past two months, building the subfloor, painting, nstalling toilets, building the stage, on and on, but there is still plenty of work to be done. We're just now putting insulation on the ceiling and we still have to put down the hardwood floor, build platforms, paint, etc. ...that means we need PEOPLE POWER to finish as soon as possible for all our music starved sisters and brothers. We're going to have an organized worksheet, time schedule posted in the Commumty Center Project office for those people who want to dónate some energy but don't know when or what to do! Come over and see for yourself and you'll be compelled to join in the struggle against cultural chauvinism and Rock and Roll Imperialism! BUILD THE PEOPLE'S BALLROOM! POWER TO THE.STOMPERS! -written by Craig Blazier for the People's Ballroom Committee and Community Center Project Committee