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Michigan Marijuana Initiative

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UU4 LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE ! fT JSÉ3 1. Signers of the same petition MUST be registered voters of the SAME CITY OR TOWNSHIP. .J v Jij 2. Married women MUST use their given first names: Mary Smith, not Mrs. John Smith. (Sign - Wk. LK3 4(É W ' "ACTL Y as you did when you registered to vote.) " = 1$L VKï jlffif 'j 3. Signatures MUST be made in the presente of the circulator. ■ 1=fflL w3 SS? """ Dittmaiks. MUST NOT bc used. Spell out the names of the street and city. SOíL la ymEr' iiC 5. Circulator MUST be a REGISTERED VOTER. sSL 5SZ7 AÖ l"fj Circulators SHALL NOT sign nor date the certifícate prior to obtaining the last signature on jftfraEa '■ PEOPi.K SMi.XLXG TUI SAME PETITION MIST Al. I. BE REGISTERED IN THE SA Ml 5wlS' CITY OR TOWXSHP' MAIL ALL COMPLETED PETIT1ONS TO: Michigan Marijuana Initiative Cali 668-7206 for information. JJ Michgan 4g ,07 INITIATIVE PETITION AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION A proposal to add Article I, section 24 as follows No person in the state of Michigan who is over 18 years of age shall be subject to arrest or criminal prosecution or be denied any right or privilege for any of the following actions: possession of marijuana; personal use of marijuana; cultivating, harvesting, drying, or processing of marijuana; in other ways preparing marijuana; or transporting marijuana tor personal use. This provisión shall not be construed to repeal existing legislation or limit the enactment of future legislation prohibiting persons under the influence of marijuana from operating machinery or vehicles. We, the undersigned qualified and registered electors, residents in the ownshin (str''ce one) ' in the County of , State of Michigan, hereby respectively petition for said amendment to the Constitution. WARNING Whoever knowingly signs this petition more than once, signs a name other than his own, signs when not a qualified and registered elector, or sets opposite his signature on a petition, a date other than the actual date such signature was affixed, is violating the provisions of this act. c,„„. .i,1r(... nr DATE OF SIGNING . c streel Auuress or Pr;t Dffii-f - - r - t NAME Rural Route Host Offnc L- I ; , ; , 2 3 I , __4 5 6 _2 I 8 I _9 10 II 12 J_ 14 15 16 ==___a=__ . 17 , _I8 , 19 20 . I certifícate of circulator The undersigned circulator of (he ahove pelilion asserts th;it he is qualifíed lo circuíale Ihis petition, Ihal c:eh sipnalure on the pet ilion was signed n his prcscncc, that to his best knowlcdgc and helicf each signaturc is thc germine signatura of ihc person purporting lo sign thc sanie and thal Ihc person was at thc time of signinp a qualified rcgislered elector of Ihc city or lownship listcd in the headiftg of Ihc pelilion and Ihal such elector was qualified to sign the petition. (SiKiuiluru "f Circulator) (Slrccl NumbcT or Rural Roule) (City or Township) (Date) WARNING - Any circulator knowingly mak ing a false statement in the above certificóte or any person not a circulator who signs as such or any person who signs a name other than his own as circulator is guilty of a misdemeanor.