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For many thousands of years the system of dealing with "crimináis" in society has been to lock these people in cages and hope that they will learn from the experience not to commit thier crime again. People have been consistantly beaten, killed, tortured, denied any type of medical care, given shit for food, locked in cages thit have rats and cockroaches plugged toilets, flooding from plugged toilets the above list goes on and on and they can't possibly be written in this limited space. But you can rest assured that no human right is allowed our brothers and sisters locked in the dungeons of the Amerikan Reich. And they are our brothers and sisters-they were locked up not because they are . misfits or hardened crimináis in our "perfect" society but because they tried to live up to this mythical televisión image of white society that never will be lived by anyone except in commericals about how clorettes give you sex appeal or some shit like that They were locked up because they tried to give their families enough food to eat, or to to pay the outrageous medical expenses that they have because they couldn't get the formation and food necessary to retain healthy bodies. Or they were locked up because they couldn't relate to the weird social restrictions that have developed over the centunes as has the system that perpetuates and enforces that weird social break down with their neighbors, their brothers and sisters, and forced into being solated and withdrawn into a nuclear situation that supports an economie system not conducive to each persons needs being met. But they didn't commit nc crimes against the people, the crimes are created by a system that separates, solates, and forces people to fight and work against each other when working together could help elimínate the conditions that cause the frustration, anger and despair feit by everyone. These conditions are multiplied by forced micro-society of prison life, they are not eliminated at all which is needed for the ; son to change. So the prisons of course do not serve their function, or do they? Today, the system of penitentiaries and and county jails in this country are of necessity for the vain attempt by the people in power, the monoply capitalistthe j ialist, to save a crumbling system. The system is based on profit, based on one class of people using the resources of other classes of people to fill their greedy pockets, and they are losing ; out now. So they take. the conscripted slaves locked by the ball and chain of the penal system and force them to to work for less than 25 cents a day. In California the state's penitentiary system is the second largest industry and growing more quickly than any of the other ndustrieseven the ones that support the war in South East Asia! It's obvious to them that the war that hassupported their system of control financially is lost and they now have to turn to other means of profit, and where do they have the most control? The brothers and sisters locked in the centration camps of the Amerikan greed creeps need communication from the people in the prisons outside the walls, our society, to keep their sanity and know that people want to understand and work to change the conditions that keep people from coming together. The list of brothers at the end is small due again to limited space, as is this discussion of prisons. Next issue l'm going to talk about the penal systems role in the economie, political cultural control of our lives. FRFF THE DRAGONS!!