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QUESTION-What is your opinion of the bomb craters that were dug on the Diag? Can you suggest any alternate sites?

Steve Martin, University Employee: 10,000 miles away from Vietnam as we are, we're innured to the devastation that the Vietnamese people have to live with daily, and we need that sort of reminder. Perhaps they should have been filled in by the people who dug them and Ho Chi Minh victory gardens planted instead. Dig in front of the administration building. Those people are in complicity with the powers responsible for the war.

Edward Wilson, student: I don't think there's anything wrong with t. If people dig it, do t! Do t! The Diag is fine, man. If they don't like it, fuck 'em, that's what I say.

Bill Curtis, University Microfilms: I think it it a very useful gesture n making people more aware of what happens when a bomb lands. They have to see something concrete, because they can't relate to the fact that twenty-five B-52's went overhead. I think they could be dug in front of some of the bigger businesses around town. It might raise the consciousness of some of the people who work there.

Gail Smith, student: I think t was good. It showed good purpose and meaning. They should be kept on the University because it reminds people, everyday. This weeks Voice of the People is by Mike Fitzpatrick.