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We all know that there are times when we all need some spare change and all of us need some steady supply of the silver monster just to survive. And also as everyone knows it is usually impossible for the majority of our culture (freeks) to get straight jobs. So, as an alternative to the 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. or whatever bullshit hours we have to spend working for the money mongers, people let's sell the SUN!! The SUN provides a timeless schedule to pick up as much money as you have energy to make. At 10 cents a copy the SUN is CHEAP! That means most every person can afford it and the most important thing of all is that whoever sells the paper pockets the whole dime (10 ยข). except the stores who keep a nickel and give one back for production costs and also because they make more money than people who sell the SUN on the street to begin with.

Basically what we're saying is that we realize the need for an alternative media source for the whole community. One that's not controlled by the corporate pigs, but one that Iets people know truly what is happening in their community. Also, by making this alternative media we're creating a source of income for hundreds of people who would probably have no other way to make money.

We hope everybody realizes the opportunity this presents for everyone who lives in AnnArbor. Find out what's happening and make money at the same time. What more could anyone ask for except a good joint and someone to share it with? Brothers and sisters if you want to turn people on and make money by selling the SUN please contact Craig at 761-1709 or come over to 1520 Hill Street. POWER TO THE PAPER SELLERS! TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE! -Craig Blazier for the Ann Arbor SUN