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- V ye The People's Housing Committee ' K is workin9 on getting a hostel for all ,ffK, tne brothers and sisters that will be 5po8i? travelling through Ann Arbor this jfffl' 0 C3jS summer so that they will have a fíJ x (y place to crash and possibly get sorne Set --i í5 I i free or cheap food. Ifanyonehas J " 'I _! j( I any ideas or suggestions of places to Xiáe 1 JÉ 1 % ViUiúJ e used, cali Genie Plamondon at C M=T 7611709. Rightnow OZON E House Tiw tnOíñl-' 's tryin9 to dea' with tne problem, '""'iuLw i i'."'Vv-r, but they need many more people ■'":'mt9B ■ who are willing to crash people in l : KhI -" their homes one or more nights a " '4Uif week. I f anyone is interested or has fc any questions, cali OZONE House at X S. 769-6540. fhese oorYirvmnrfy Senice aás paid for bw "PARAPHEKNALIA"