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Jim Dulzo

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Jim Dulzo of WABX with his favorite weed. Jim's late-night shows (see the listings to the left) will keep you UP and moving along with whatever you're trying to do. Jim lives in Ann Arbor, having previously projected himself across the airwaves from WAAM and WNRZ. Along with the people he lives with, the Mayday Media Collective, Jim just finished producing a 60-second ad for the Marijuana Initiative, which you should be hearing soon, depending on which radio stations decide to put it on the air. . .Radio support for the Initiative has been growing but still isn't at the level that needs to be attained so that everyone can find out how to get involved. WABX has been running spots for MMI about 5 times a day, DJ's at CJOM and WNRZ have been letting people know how to get petitions, WAAM n Ann Arbor has been helping, and, believe it or not, whenever there's initiative news you can hear killer coverage on CKLW News. . . The Public Service Director at CKLW, however, refused to give even 10-second spot announcements to MMI. . . . WRIF-FM has been running editorials endorsing the petition drive which includes MMI's Detroit office phone number, which is right on. But apparently, it's only a token gesture; they don't want to let things go too far. ABC in New York has decided not to let the Plum Pit clothing stores in Detroit advertise a sale for the initiative over WRIF because the issue is "too controversial" or something. ABC is so determined to keep the rainbow community from getting together that it's even prepared to interfere with the legitímate wishes of its own advertisers. . . ABC has also refused to run Public Service Announcements for MMI on RIF. . . Stay tuned for more in the battle for People's Radio. . .