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Ann Arbor Calendar Of Events

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Friday JUNE 9 FILMS-"Nght of the Hunter" Archetectufe Aud., 7-9, 75c. EVENTS-Food Committee Meeting 2:30, Mark's Coffeehouse -Theatre X "Macbeth" and Workshop, 7 p.m. , Conspiracy Coffeehouse, 330 Maynard MUSIC-Leon Redbone, ARK -Bobo Jenkins, BLIND PIG -Mojo Boogie Band, FLOOD'S Saturday JUNE 10 FILMS- Cinema Guild, same as Fri. EVENTS- Conspiracy, same as Fri. MUSIC-ARK, same as Fri. -BLIND PIG, same as Fri. -HLOOD'S, same as Fri. Sunday JUNE 11 EVENTS-First FREE PEOPLE'S CONCERT of the summer, Otis Spann Memorial Park (formerly Fuller Ftatlartds) on Fuller Road near Huron High. Let it Rock! 2-6 p.m. MUSIC-FLOODS, same as Fri. -BLIND PIG, Surprise Monday JUNE 12 MUSIC-BLIND PIG, Petunia TV-Self Defense for Sisters, 6:30 Channel 56 WTVS Tuesday JUNE 13 FILMS-"Blow Up", Aud. A, AngelĂ­ Hall, 7 and 9, 75c - "Lion's Love", Conspiracy EVENTS-Tribal Council Steering Committee Meeting, Community Center, 502 E. Washington, 7:30 - Grain Coop meeting, 7:00 p.m. S.A.B. TV-Self Defense, 2:30 and Black Journal, 8:30, Channel 56 WTVS Wednesday JUNE 14 EVENTS-Food Coop meeting 7:30 Third floor, S.A.B. MUSIC-BLIND PIG, Petunia Thursday JUNE 15 EVENTS- Ozone House general meeting, cali 769-6540 for place -Women's Caucus, HRP Office, 304 S. Thayer MUSIC-BLIND PIG, Boogie Bros. -FLOOD'S, Washboard Willie FILMS-"Masque of Red Death" Aud. A, AngelĂ­ Hall Friday JUNE 16 MUSIC-Parrish and Gwirtz Rock from England, ARK -BLIND PIG, same as Thurs. -FLOOD'S, same as Thurs. -John Fayhey, Ed Holstien, CONSPIRACY 330 Maynard -Virginia Clemens, POWER center Saturday JUNE 17 FILMS- Women's program. Cinema Guild, Archetecture Aud. MUSIC-ARK. BLIND PIG, FLOOD'S. CONSPIRACY, same as Fnday -Ho Down, HRP, cali 761-6650 SundayJUNE 18 MUSIC-ARK, same as Fri. -BLIND PIG, Icarus -FREE PEOPLES CONCERT, OtisSpann Memorial Park (formerty Fuller Flatlands) near Huron High. 2-6 p.m. Monday JUNE 19 MUSIC-BLIND PIG, same as Sunday TV-Self Defense 6:30channel 56 Tuesday JUNE 20 MUSIC-BLIND PIG. same as Sun.