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Brothers & Sisters, I recently carne across the nformation that you have a drive underway to put the question of legalizing weed on the November ballot. I would appreciate if you could send me one of these petitions. As we know the legalization of weed s a step necessary in producing change in this country. Many people I know would be more than glad to sign. a petition towards legalizing marijuana. -Due to the fact capitalistic pigs would probably exploit weed and attempt to destroy it's sacramental valué if it were legalized, I am not sure legalization would be the complete answer. On the other hand paranoia and the ridiculous mprisonment would be eliminated if weed was legal. Legalization is definitely the best answer now and we'lldeal with the capitalistic slobs later when weed is legal. Please send me a petition as soon as possible. Power to the Righteous Chuck Gyettes Dear People- Most of us common folk don't have much of a hand n what happens to our collective lives, nor find much opportunity for contributing our individual efforts toward change. So many efforts are frustratingly fruitless. But my huspand and I can get behind your marijuana initiative and therefore would like you to send us one of your petitions to put legalization on the ballot. Go ahead and send it (or even 2) to the address at the top of the other page. We wish you (and all of us) the best of luck. Peace- Mie & Marilyn McGuire P.S. Heard about your drive on the WRIF talk show. Dear Marijuana People- Here are 27 signatures of Ann Arbor registered voters who recently flew with me to London. It was an excellent way to collect signatures easily, since I had a captive audience so to speak. Hardly anyone refused to sign, but unfortunately many were not Michigan voters or were registered in various Michigan towns making it hard to have a separate petition for each place. I' m sure you know this hassle. Could you pass this letter on to a SUN person. If a small blurb were written of this it might encourage others to do the same thing if they're going on flights to Europe before July 7. Good luck- we're seizing the time. MMI MATERIALS