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Question: Why, for the most part, haven't the politicians in Michigan signed MMI petitions to place Marijuana legislation on the November ballot?

Henry Socord:

Well, if they signed the marijuana law that would show they were giving in to the younger people and show that young people have power, and I don't think they'd dig it that much.

Marianne Sternstein:

U of M library employee: I'll bet they're worried bout their positions. Aside from the fact that it might hurt their status can't think of any possible reason. Politicians that do sign it are more concerned with doing what they feel is right rather than what certain people feel should be right.

Kurt Hansen:

Peer group pressure? Chances are they just don't agree with it in the first place. 

Pat Russell, Graduate student: I don't know, but they certainly should whether they support it or not, it would be fair to put t to a vote. Maybe they can't see beyond their own opinions

Michael McQuade, warehouseman:

Because they're afraid of going on the record as being pro-marijuana and losing a lot of votes that way.

This week's Voice of the People is by Mike Fitzpatrick.

One of the 38 people attacked and arrested by Ann Arbor police for trying to dig a bomb crater on the diag. We were charged with "malicious destruction of property" and face 90 days in jail for turning over some sod. Meanwhile, University war research is helping to rain really "malicious destruction" on the people of Indochina.