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Question: Why, for the most part, haven't the politicians n Michigan signet! MMI petitions to place Marijuana legislation on the November ballot? Henry Socord: Well, f they signed the marijuana law that would show they were giving in to the younger people and show that young people have power, and I don't think they'd dig it that much. Marianne Sternstein, U of M library employee: l'll bet iney're worried bout their positions. Aside from the jact that it might fiurt their status can't think of 6ny possible reason. Politicians that do óign t are more concerned with doing what ■they feel is right rather than what certain peopie Teel should be right. Kurt Hansen: Peer group pressure? Chances are they ust don't agret - K it n the firs. lace. Pat Russell, GradI uate student: I don't know, but they certainly should whether they support it or not, t would be fair to put t to a vote. Maybe they can't see beyond their own opinions Michael McQuade, warehouseman: Because they're afraid of going on the record as being pro-marijuana and losing a lot of votes that way. This week's Voice of the People s by Mike Fitzpatrick.