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WABX 99.5 FM (961-8888)

Jerry Goodwin- Mon thru Fri 7-11 am

Dave Dixon-Mon through Fri 11am-3pm

Mark Perentau- Mon thru Fri 3-7 pm

Dennis Frawley- Mon thru Fri 7-11 pm

Dan Carlisle- Mon thru Fri 11pm-3 am

Dick Thyne  Mon thru Fri 3-7 am

(Saturday and Sunday slots will rotate until they find some folks to replace Monroe and Dulzo)


WRIF 101 FM (354-WRIF)

During the week programmed progressive rock from the files of ABC N.Y.C.

Sunday 9-11 pm  SPARE CHANGE with Peter Werbe

Mon-Sat 9-10 am Mike Benner


WDET 101.9 FM (577-4147)

Monday 9 pm  JAZZ TODAY with Bud Spangier

Tuesday 10:30 pm  JAZZ TODAY with Dave Houston

Sunday 12 midnight  JAZZ TODAY repeat


WCBN 89.5 FM (761-3500)

Off the air- will return July 1


WNRZ 102.9 FM (663 0569)

Throughout the week:

Mike Green   6 am-Noon

Terry Sandler   Noon-6 pm

Chuch Bocan   6 pm-Midnight

Mike O'Brien  Midnight-6 am


CJOM 88.7 FM(519) 252-7313


9 am-1pm Vicki Lowe

1-5 pm  Dave Tollington

Noon-REVELATIONS Hare Krishna

5-9 pm-Larry Himmel

1-6 am- Jon Moore



6-9 am   Don Scott

9 am-1 pm  Dave Tollington

1-5 pm  Dave Loncao

5-9 pm  Bob Rudnick

9 pm-1 am- Larry Himmel



6-10 am   Don Scott

10 am-3 pm  Greg Frith

3-8 pm   Vicki Lowe

8-9 pm- week 's recap series: "The 4th Tower of Inverness"

9 pm-2 am  Bob Rudnick

6-9 am  Greg Frith


A picture of two young men singing on stage reads:

Hawg Tate at the first Park concert along with the legendary testifying man, Jesse Crawford himself. A true blast from Michigan's past...