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Musicians, writers, roadies, engineers, managers, djs, and anyone who is nto music, come together and join the Music Switchboard. Right now people are getting it together and they need your help. It is all in the early stages right now, but the possibilities are lim.itless as to what this can be. Some of the ideas suggested are: a place to find when and where there are musical happenings, an information and reference file to contact other musicians, a place to set up lessons, a place to arrange practice and jam sessions, a way to lócate instruments and other equipment for salp or to trade, a booking agency for people's events, and numerous other ideas. At this point, the Music Switchboard is look ing for a place to lócate itself and staff a phone. Until a place is found, there are meetings held every Tuesday at 6:00 pm at 827 McKinley. If you have any ideas or suggestions, go to the meetings. "How will we win, with what will we fight. We hope with this song our word we will unite." THEY CAN'T TAKE AWAY OUR MUSIC-WAR JOIN THE MUSIC SWITCHBOARD