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1 rlrl Y iiT.ï o, r ' 'These are not moon pictures these are Vietnam pictures!' Experienced Keyboard player with equipment to join group. Cali Jeff at 483-6581. Would üke to write to Jefferson Airplane freaks. Ride the Music. Bob Flower-ll Lincoln RoadOttawa-lllinois 61350. Interested n swapping piano for a new waterbed with frame, pad and liner? Stop in at "Mare's Ear" 211 S. State or cali 4853789 after 7 pm. Manager Wanted in Ann Arbor Area for Hard assed Roch and Roll Band, fcom Maryland. Our name is Alabark, We do lots of original material. Contact Rich Taylor, Box 225-cl Rt. 5, Westminster, Md. 21157 Telephone 795-2395 635-2514 Keyboard Man Wanted-(Or a keyboard woman)to join new local rock group in a new direction: Cerberus-al most all original material. We dig Pink Floyd and John McGlaughlin. You gatta be skilied, creative and have your own equipment. Cali 662-8768 and ask for Roger; or 761-3199 and ask for Bill. Wanted: Immediately organ player to play Allman Bros., Santana type music. Must own equipment or we have address to Hammond C 2. Cali Ken at 517-629-8630. Anyone interested in joining a commune or if there is any place in one already established please contact Jerry at 769-2627 at night. NEED $$$$? Help us get ads for her-self, community womens nespaper. Your hours are your own, you make your schedule. All interested cali HER-SELF office at 663-1285. Hours are from o pm to 5 pm. Triumph, BSA, and Norten repairs. Guaranteed work, reasonable prices. Cali 769-8493 and ask for Jim. Room for women in communal family. Cali Kive at 663-7106. Or stop by at 314 Katherine. BECOME A MINISTER! Be ordained in the UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH' Perform Marriages and many other religious ceremonies. Send to: UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH, Dept. WC, Box 6388, L.A., Cal, 90055 (213) 487-7348. Your Your official ministerial credential is sent by return mail. A donation to cover our expenses would be appreciated. This 24 year old brother would like to share Apt. around campus area. Released from prison June 26. Anyone contact Joel Hall 25903, Box 1000, Milán Mich. 48I60. "IS THERE A WAY I can take all l've learned and all done and direct it toward a rewarding new life style? Yess There is. Contact Charly at (313)832-0651 before HtOO am. and after II pm. TAKE OVER NATURAL FOOD STORE selling our interest and moving. Equiped to sell wholegrains, flour & other dry foods in bulk & package. EARTHHARVEST 3465 Robina at 12 Mile in Berkley, Michigan 399-3550. "Fellow Travelers"-a collection of poetry, prose and drawing available Matflower Books, Union Cellar or by mail from Winter's Warriors Creations Unlimited 6080 Old Orchard Birmingham, Mich. Costs-50L Wm. Blake Heil elaborated in Eternal Flesh. Friends of the Gaint Albion! A first Gathering. This summer. Write Aethelred Eddridge, Church of the Blake Recital, R.R. I, Millfield, Ohio 45761. I Would like to correspond with anyone who wishes to correspond with a 22 year old from Baltimore Maryland, East Side- Conrad Burns, P.O. Box 511-124-732 Columbus, Ohio 43216. Brother, I ncarcerated from now on (11-45 years) wishes to correspond with people just interested n rapping through the mail: Have all the time in the world to answer your letter: Love & Peace. Torn Ring 81318, Ohio State Reformatory Post Office Box 788, Mansfield Ohio 44901 Hi brothers and sisters, a friend of mine gets the SUN and he Iets me dig on it too. l'm getting out of here soon and I would like to hear from some people that understand. So drop this Indian brother a line or two and let me know what is going on. Leslie Andrews 107566, Box E. Jackson Jackson, Michigan 49204. Lonely man in prison would like to hear from people on the outside. Prefer a sister because there arent any in here. I will write to all. l'm not sure where l'm going to be so here are two addresses-Ben Allison 131535 Muskegon Co. Jail. If there is no answer there write to Box 500 lonia Mich. 48846, l'm a lonely 24 year old inmate here at Milan and would like to hear from any of the good look ing people in the Ann Arbor Area. My name is Ron Jolly 86998 Box 1000 Milán Michigan. Alletters will be answered. Lonesome prisoners would like to hear from women between 18 and 30. Would prefer woman with some commitment. Archie Baker 119674 P.O. P.O. Box E. Jackson, Michigan 49204.