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Calendar Of Ann Arbor Events

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Friday JUNE 23 EVENTS-2:30 Food Committee Meeting Mark 's Coffeehouse MUSIC-Blind Pig BLIND PIG. Baby Boy Warren-$.5O -F LOOD'S, Boogie Bros -ARK, Utah Phillips TV-5:30 "What's New" E". Agrica 3 FILMS-Maltese Falcon 7&9 p.m. Architecture Auditorium -The Killers 7:30& 9:30 p.m. Conspiracy $1.00 Saturday JUNE 24 FILMS-The Great Man, W. C. Fields SI. 00 Conspiracy Coffeehouse - Maltese Falcon, same as Friday MUSIC-BLIND PIG, Baby Boy Warren $.50 -F LOOD'S, Boogie Bros -Ark, Utah Phillips TV 3-2'30 Yoga & You -4:30 Black Journal -6:30 Self Defense for sisters Sunday JUNE jLL EVENTS & MUSIC-FREE PEOPLE'S CONCERT.OtisSpann Memorial Field by Huron High School on Fuller Rd. -Psychedelic Rangers Meet 11:00 at park BLIND PIG, Karus no cover Monday JUNE 27 EVENTS-City Council Meeting &:30 Tuesday JUNÉ 27 7:30 Tribal Council Steering committee MUSIC-BLIND PIG, Boogie Bros. $.75 F I LMS- Calcutta.docu men tary 7:30 & 9:30 $1.50 Conspiracy -Goodbye Columbui, Angel Aud. "A" Wednesday JUNE 28 EVENTS-8:00 Deug Help General Meeting. Cali 76I-HELP for place -2:30 Legacy Grand Teton National Park -9:00 Soul "Jazz" Horace Silver, Lee Morgan -10:00 On Being Black "Black Girl" MUSJC-BLIND PIG' Boogie Bros. $.75 Thursday JUNE 29 EVENTS-8:00 Ozone House General meeting. Cali 7696540 for place TV Lilias Yoga and You 2:30 MUSIC-BLIND PIG, Boogie Bros. $.75 FLOOD'S, Skeleton Rose - FILMS-Conspiracy same as 28th - MM Fnday JUNE 30 EVENTS-2:30 Food Committee Meeting TV 56-6:30 Legacv 7:30 Film Odyssey MUSIC-FLOOD'S, Skeleton Rose -BLIND PIG, Boogie Bros. $.75 Saturday JULY I FILMS-"Cleopatra" & "The Epic that Never Was" 7:30 & 9'30 $1.00 Conspiracy Sunday JULY 2 EVENTS ANO MUSIC CONCERT, OtisSpann Memorial Fied on Fuller Rd. by Hurón High -F LOOD'S, Skeleton Rose FILMS-Conspiracy same as Saturdav TV 56-The Session, Brownsville Station MUSIC-BLIND PIG, Welfare Program $.50 EVENTS-City CouncM Meeting 7:30 Monday JULY 3 TV 56-2:30 Lilias Yoga and You -6:00 the Course of Our Times, China Goes Communist 6:30 Self Defense for Sisters EVENTSTribal Council Steering Committee Meeting, 7:30 Community Center Wednesday JULY 5 EVENTS-8:00 Drug Help Meeting cali 761-HELP for place 7:30Veg Coop Meeting, 3rd floor SAB 9:00 Defense Committee Meeting SAB MUSIC-BLIND PIG, Welfare Program $.50 Thursday JULY 6 TV-2:30 Legacy-Arches National Park 9:00Chester Himes 10:30 Black Poetry "Doin" it" MUSIC-BLIND PIG, Hound Dog Taylor $.50