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WELCOME HOME BROTHERS PUN &SKIP! turn The Tribal Council Food Committee would like to thank the brothers and sisters who donated their energy to help the Food Committee get its space together at the Park on Sundays. The new dome thát the Food Committee will be using for its stand at the park was put together by the Treehouse Workshop. They have space in the garage next to the Blind Pig on First St. They're into cabinet making and other woodwork including some far-out toys! People are welcome to stop by their shop and check out what's going on there. POWER TO THE PEOPLE'S BUILDERS! KASH! A brother and sister who were busted n the Upper Pennisula are n need of help. The sister is now servlng a 60-day sentence for possession of 4 oz. of righteous wee. Her release date is Aug. 31. Her partner is now out on bond but his sentencing date is July 2lst and during the time that they are both in jail people are afraid that the State will try to take custody of their three children. Money is desperately needed for legal fees to get a new lawyer. Right now there is a stateappointed attorney handling the case. Anyone who is able to help can write or send donations to Greg and Mary Millay Rt. No. I McMillan, Mich. 49853 FLASH! Sign the HRP petition to make next spring' election for mayor more progressive. Help make sure we're not stuck with a Republican mayor. Get your petitions at the HRP office at 304 S. Thayer. rmsm A gathering of the tribes! This Sunday's Free Park Concert will feature New Heavenly Blue, Marcus and Iron Horse Exchange. Come, dance and get high with the people's music starting at 2:00 at the Otis Spann Memorial Field near Huron High on Fuller Road. FLASH! Remember, sisters and brothers, if you want to help the Sun shine come to the community layout class the Tuesday before the next issue comes out. Rainbow skills for Rainbow people! FLASH! Vote for Harold Moon for sheriff on Aug. 8 in the Democratie primary. All of the other candidates, both Democratie and Republican, are either cops or ex-cops. Vote IVIoon ! FLASH! Anyone who's interested in putting together the covering for the new dome that the Food Committee will be using at the park, we need help! We need to have some type of canvas covering for the dome that will be hung within the dome's framework. If you know anything about sewing especially with canvas or have ever covered a dome or have ideas about how to go about it then you could help! Contact Jeanie Walsh at 761-1709 or come to the Food Committee meetings Fridays at 2:30 p.m. at Mark's. Hssm WELCOME HOME BROTHERS WOüDY & BART FREE ALL PEOPLE!