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Question: What do you think of the Ann Arbor Free Concerts? Walter Griggs, St. Mary's chapel employee: "It's hip, man. It's something to do on Sunday, like a Happening. Not exactly a religious thing, but t's a getting together of al! diferent types of people that mold nto one type of happening." Rachelle: "It's nice when the weather's nice. I can't think of any great way to mprove them. l'd just make everyone dance more, that's all. Everyone would have to dance, you weren't allowed to sit down." Mary Jenesel: "I have alot of fun at them. I think they're really good for the community and for the people n generalt gets the people together; I like to see them go on. I really can't think of any way to mprove them. They're the best free concerts n the area." Jeff Lo we: "l'm not very nterested n them because l'm mainly nterested n jazz and not rock. I think that f peopie are nterested n them they're very good, l'm very much for that. If they could get more jazz artists t'd be great." This issues Voice of the People s by Mike Fitzpatrick