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Throughout our collective history the Amerikan death culture merchants have pumped bogus drugs into our communities in their attempt to lower the spirit and energy of our people. The newest such drug to flood our communities is Methqualone, commonly know as Quaalude. Quaalude is a heavy downer. It is prescribed as a sleeping pill and is very similar in effects to barbiturates. The overdose amount is lower than barbs, and quaaludes are also potentiated by alcohol, which means that f you take quaaludes and drink alcohol at the same time, the amount needed to OD greatly decreases. When quaaludes first began to appear in the streets, many people adopted the attitude that t was a harmless drug and nothing to get at all alarmed about. Since that time, literally thousands have been consumed by people and more information concerning the dangers of Quaalude is discovered every day. A few months ago, the question began to arise as to the possibility of quaaludes being addictive. The drug manufacturers were contacted and requested to give information concerning possible quaalude addiction. They were very uncooperative, their only reply being that quaalude addiction was "rarely reported." Further investigaron discovered that quaaiudes_aj;e_addictive and withdrawal is dangerous without medical supervisión. If a person is addicted, to kick heshe must withdraw from the quaalude by taking barbs and then kick the barbs. It should be done in a hospital under midical supervisión. Very little is known about how much is necessary to become addicted, but f you think you may be addicted and would like to quit, cali Drug Help at 761-HELP, and they will get you whatever help you need. Just as the CIA conspires to smuggle heroin, the govemment and the drug companies conspire to destroy our communities with death culture pharmaceutical drugs such as quaaludes. Drug companies are obviously reluctant to give out any information concerning any of the drugs that they manufacture, but t is evident that a large percentage of the drugs that are manufactured never reach the doctor's offices or the drug stores, but are pumped directly on to the streets of our communities. Why have the drug companies been so reluctant to give out any information on quaaludes and why wasn't any warning given as to the addictive properties when the drug was first sold? Why wasn't adequate testing done on quaaludes by the Food and Drug Administration before they allowed it to be put on the market? These are questions that must be answered and the drug companies must accept the responsibility for any harm that comes about from the drugs that they produce. The possibility of lawsuits against both the drug companies and the Food and Drug Administration is being looked into. (Check the SUN for any further information on that.) The problem of dealing with quaaludes and other low energy, death culture drugs is something that we all must think about as t affects everyone of us. We must build alternatives for people so that they don't feel the need to down themselves out to escape the madness of EuroAmerikan culture. We have to build the Tribal Council and People's institutions where people can get together and get high with their brothers and sisters by building our new culture on the ruins of Amerika. At the same timer we must wage a campaign against the people who deal bogus drugs to our people and struggle to give accurate and reliable drug information at all times. We must work for efforts such as the Michigan Marijuana Initiative and other efforts to legalize marijuana so that there is an adequate supply of the life affirming sacrament for everyone to get high with each other. LIFE TO THE LIFE CULTURE. DEATH TO THE DEATH CULTURE. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE: People's Drug Committee