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Dr. Doom And The Great Bombcrater Caper!

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38 Rainbow Brothers and Sisters of the Community Bomb Cráter Squad, "the .38 Special," are charged in Ann Arbor District Court with "malicious destruction of property". The .38 Special are charged with 'maliciously' digging a bomb cráter on University property on June 17, 1972. The cráter happening on June 17 was the second such dig, the f irst happened on May 19, the birthday of Malcom X and Ho Chi Minh (at that time 4 people were arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property) but the Community Cráter Squad was infuriated that they too were not honored with being charged, so the June 17 dig happened so more people could particípate in this harmless, peaceful protest. The bomb craters serve a dual purpose, t. serve as continual reminders of the malicious destruction of people and property suffered by the people of Indochina at the hands of the United States Air War. The craters also focus on the extensive war research and death delivering devices developed by Dr. Doom and the Office of Doomsday Development, or War Research Laboratories, or Defense Research and Engineering, or Radar and Opties Labatory, or the Institute of Science and Technology. Whichever you choose to cali it, it still spells DEATH. That the University would date to charge 38 individuáis with 'malicious destruction of property' shows the contempt they hold för the people's ntelligence. That they would dare to equate digging bomb craters with destruction of property, after the University develops 'smart bombs', TV bombs, nfrared tracking devices and other technology of destruction, shows the absolute perversión and decadenceof the University. John Foster, Director of Defense Research and Engineering for the Department of Defense (Doom) says, ". . . the University of Michigan has been continually in the forefront of research, making important contributions to new developments and to the state-of-the-art in these areas. Specific contributions have been made in the principies and design of synthetic aperture and high resolution radars to an understanding of infrared sources and receivers for detection of selected targets and for general surveillance of terrain of interest. . These contributions have been invaluable in research 'e: ding to systems and equipment for battle field surveillance and target acquisition. . .In the area of battle field surveillance we are concentrating on exploiiing the remóte sensor developments of the war in Southeast Asia to give us an altogether new combat capability based on the concept of an 'instrumented battlef ield ." So as Richard the Pig Hearted withdraws troops from Vietnam, gadgets, buttons and technology replace men. The death rate of the 'enemy' remams stable as the death rate of the Amerikans decline in a feeble attempt to make the war less than it is, the genocidal slaughter of a proud and independence loving people. If the "38 Special are guilty of 'malicious destruction of property' then vvhat is the United States Government and the University of Michigan guilty of? "Infrared is particularly use f ui in providing data that can be used to lócate an enemy 's position, to estímate nis numbers, and to detect his movements. Movement or activity. whether oí bodies or vehicles, generates extra heat: thus, an infrared scannei carrier! by an airplane can gather a surprisingiy lar ge amount of information of enemy maneuvers ," $aid the U of M Research News of February, 1968. That Amerika, the most powertul natior on earth', would turn ts vast technological resources against a poor and backward country, that they would unleash science fiction nightmares on a peaceful rice eating people, that the national energy is channeled to push button death, points to the unholy alliance between the University and US Octopus Impenalism. Now we have fart sniffers sweat smellers, 'smart bombs', TV bombs, and electronic ears. That the University and the International robber barrons dare to utter the words 'malicious destruction of property' is a tragic comedy capable only of a dementedmind. Meanwhile, a 80 or 100 caliber cráter was dug in the front yard of the headquarters of the Rainbow People's Party n Ann Arbor. 80 or 100 people gathered on July 4 1972 to dig the cráter. Thecrater will remain unt il all USmen and material withdraw, and tinancial aid to puppet politicians in Vietnam ends. As Amerika celebrated her struggle for Independence, the Ann Arbor Rainbow People celebrated the struggle for independence of the Indochinese people. When Vietnam is independí?. Y the bomb cráter will become a People's Victory Gdi den as a tribute :o the life and beauty of the struggling people. "The .38 Special' will be going to preliminary examination on August 7 and August 15. Their defense ís that they did not maliciously destroy property, that it is in fact the University that destroys property and lives, that it is not the ".38 special" that is on trial but the University. "The people underwent another war-the air war,. They learned another form of eivilization the holes. We dug day and night, the planes bombed day and night. Our village was f i lied with bomb craters, the land was made barren. I gneved very much to see my v.'i llage in ruins, my animáis vanished, my crops destroyed . .Each day, news came'about such and such a village being bombed, more and more deaths and wounded. . ." Is how a Laotian refugee described it in the Washington Monthly in July of I970. What follows is a list of war professors at the U of M, as of I970. Birdsall. Theodore G Associated f ofessor x1 Electrical Engineering Breymaier, Robert W. Resident Engineer, Radio Scien, r Building Burkehaltei, Joseph H. Professor of Medical Chemistrv Butler, Thomas W. Director of Cooley Electncs Lab Holter, Marvin R. Head, Infrared and Opties Lab IST Johnson. A. G. Professor of MiciAiiology Park, Richard L. Professor of Polit cal Science Johnston, Jerome Assistant Study Director, ISR Bachmann, Jerald G. Senior Study Director and Psychology lecturer, ISR Bardach, John E. Professor of Fisheries, Natural Resourses Clarkson, James D. Assistant Professor of Geography and Research Associate Gosling, Lee A. Peter Associate Professor of Geography Mess, Gayle D. Associate Professor of Sociology Wyatt, David Department of History VWiat follovvs is a list of Doom Projects Ballistic Missiles Radiation Center Infrared uvarning systems studies Investigations relatmg to multispectral imaging systems . Analysis of detection of infrared radi3tion of hot gases Target Signatures Measurement Contermeasures technique feasibility Underground detonation of nuclear devices Tectomc stam release Acoustic Surveillance Systems Decoupling Phenomema Multifrequency raiar Aerospace Program Radar signature studies Microwave target Micr_wave target signatures and sensors investigations Acoustic signal processing Power totteftode. Long Live the Heroic Indochinese People Long Live the Struggle for Independence Long Live the Peoples Victory Garden THAT THEY WOULD UNLEASH SCIENCE FICTION NIGHTMARES OM A PEACEFUL RICE EATING PEOPLE