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What did you think about the results of the Democratie Convention? Tom Shannon, gradĂșate student: "I was really pleased that McGovern won, but I really don't think he can win n November. I think the traditional elements in the Democratie Party are going to sit on their asses. Daley and the Unions, that's where the bread comes from. I think this is a permanent shift in the alignment of the party, and in another four years the new coalition is going to be powerful enough to win." Arme Temple, waitress: "I think it's nteresting that although Daley's people got kicked out, he s still such a staunch Democrat that he will support McGovern. I would rather have seen Ribicoff as the Vice-Presidential nominee, because he's an oider liberal and there's never been a jewish nominee. He is older than Eagteton and might have appeated more to oJder Democrats, but l'm happy with Eagteton's views. He appeals to the same people McGovern does." Jim Forester, printer, HRP member: "I think the Democrats stumbled all over themselves to see who could sel I out their principies the fastest. They made no statement about abortion, no statement about the government Pay Board cutting workers' wages, no statement about marijuana, and I don't see how people can bother to support them in the f all. My choice is to work for a third party."