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On Monday, 24 July, the Tribal Network will open ts new office in the community center, 502 E. Washington St. After months of planning and rejuvenatin the old Network (formerly operated by Ozone House) the Tribal Network.'s files of information on community events, meetings, referral to other organizations, ride switchboard are ready for the community's use. The Events Calendar will include information on concerts, meetings, shows, and other events of interest to the community. The calendar will collect information on all events each week, of which a complete listing will be available by calling the Network office. This nformation will also be placed in the Sun calendar and on the bulletin board of the Washington Street Community Center. By calling the Tribal Network, you can obtain nformation and referral to various organizations in Washtenaw County. And, if we can't give you information on something, or at least how to get in contact with them, we'll stand criticized and get the information necessary right away. Upon receiving your phone cali we can dig into our files and have the information for you within a few minutes - information on abortion services and referral, referral for drug related problems, information on draft counseling services, how to get in touch with community service organizations, and just about anything else you need. The Ride Switchboard can help you get rides to various parts of the country and alsc around the área. So, people that are driving as well as riding should phone in their namesand where they'regoing (and where they are coming from). But knowing full well that all the rides that are availabie, or posted elsewhere will not be called in, we will send runners out into the cloak of the night to snatch additional information from the bulletin boards arounc the community and return the contraband information to the Network files to be used by you all out there. Lastly, for right now anyway, we are attempting to set up a functional phone tree in Ann Arbor (for the moment), which has been attempted before, but never has succeeded. An operable phone tree means the participation of a large number of members of the community. There have been several examples recently of people being ripped off or busted, where if a number of people in the mmediate community could have been called the rip off or bust could have been alleviated, least, the culprits identified. If you are interested in participating in the phone tree cali the Tribal Network for more information. We're ready to open, but that's not to say that we 'don't still need more help and donations to help staff and opérate the office. Again, the Tribal Network will open Monday, 24 July, with the office being open 7 days-a-week from 10am to 2am. Cali John Collins at 761-1709, or Linda 3 Latham at 662-0310, or cali the new Network Phone 663-4208.