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Free Concerts On The Air!

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The Ann Arbor Community Park Program s now broadcast live every Sunday over WNRZ-FM from 3-6pm ! WNRZ, n another attempt to relate better to the community it serves, has qiven over the time on Sunday for f ree. The People's Communications Committee of the Tribal Council will be hosting the live breadcast and using the time between jams to do interviews and feed out nformation about what's going on in the community. Local merchants are buying sponsorship of the program paying $15 a show, all of which (minus expenses) goes to the Park Program. Members of the Communications Com mittee shown are: Shawn McShawn, Dan Mullaly (our liason with NRZ) Carol Shackson Wajden Simper, David Fenton, Kathy Kelley and Larry Monroe....This move by WNRZ is one of the best things that's happening on the radio these days, and rumors are flying of other actions NRZ may be considenng that are just as exciting....stay tuned....and don't forget. Bob Rudnick, the master jammer kicks em out the hardest on CJOM Tuesday-Friday trom midnight to six Saturday from 5-9, and Sunday from 8-1. COMMUNICATE TO LIBÉRATE i