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The Ann Arbor People's Ballroom is scheduled to open September 1st and 2nd – but we NEED your help!! Come down to the Ballroom at 502 E. Washington (in the Community Center), 10-5 and 7-10 every weekday – there's lots of work to be done before It can open! ROCK AND ROLL!!

The 10,000 migrant farm workers who pick lettuce have been on strike for two years! The present laws don't even give them the right to strike or bargain collectively – the average wage is $1600 a year! The ONLY way they can win this struggle is through a consumer boycott of head (iceberg) lettuce. When you refuse to buy head lettuce, you are supporting the farm workers – they need your support. BOYCOTT ALL HEAD LETTUCE!

Please Help!!!
If anyone witnessed the arrest of five people at the corner of Ashley and Huron last Thursday night (early Friday morning at 2:30 am), contact Richard Shell of the Legal Aid Clinic at 665-6146 or Allan Goode at 769-3303.

Within the next week, the Human Rights Party is going to choose its candidates for the fall elections.
Locally, offices like state representative, sheriff, and county commissioners are under consideration. For those races, a strategy session and platform discussion is planned for Aug. 19-20 at HRP headquarters, 304 S. Thayer, Ann Arbor. A final decision will be made Aug. 24 at the same place.
Then, at the state level, a convention will be held Aug. 26-27 in Lansing to decide on U. S. Senate and U.S. Congressional races.
Anyone can vote on who the candidate should be or whether there should be a candidate. All you have to do is show up and sign your name. For rides and other information, call HRP, 761-6650.

A lot of brothers and sisters in prison want to correspond with rainbow people out here. It’s lonely, and even more of a drag when there's no communication from out here on the streets. Write to Michigan Committee for Prisoner's Right, Box 523, Ann Arbor, Michigan for addresses or information. Free Everybody!

The People's Communications Committee desperately craves and needs a good broadcast quality cassette tape-recorder for use in its broadcasts of the Sunday park concerts and other projects coming up. As you might expect, we're broke and can't cop one on our own. We'd be willing to give free advertising to any store that sells such machines in exchange for one. Contact Shawn McShane at 769-9360

Tune-In to the Larry Monroe show, Mon-Sat nights from 8-1 on WNRZ-FM. Every Thursday night at 10 the Mayday Media fantasy show will jump out from your radio on NRZ, which, if you haven't heard, is improving by leaps and bounds lately...

This Sunday, Otis Spann Memorial Field will rock to the sounds of Radio King & his Court of Rhythm, J.Z. Terramine, Iris Bell Adventure, and Oracle. And if you can't make it to the park, tune in to WNRZ FM 102.9) from 3-6 and hear the music live! Communicate to Liberate!

In the SUN's last issue (No. 37), 'The SUN Shakes It!" article named a few of the great musicians that have played and some of the people who have helped benefits to happen for the SUN. So thanx to Arlene Kwasniak and Friends, Jeff Cole, Petunia, segments of Buddies In The Saddle, Terry Tate, Mojo Boogie Band, Pete Ostle, Boogie Brothers and sister Sarah Brown, Steve Newhouse, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen, Steve McKay, UP, Stone School Road, Tom and Jerry, Ned Duke, Bobby, and everyone at Flood's, Odyssey, and the Blind Pig, and especially thanx to all the people who came and made it such a good time!

American Indians Unlimited Second Annual Pow Wow will happen this weekent, August 19th and 20th, in the K of C Park on Dexter Road. There'll be tribal dances, food games, and crafts. Advance tickets are $1 for adults, and $.50 for children (under 6, free) at Middle Earth. Do the Sundance!

Oops! The Voice of the People will be back next issue bringing you the deal from the streets.

The dynamic duo John Sinclair and Hawg Tate take over the airwaves on WNRZ-FM 102.9 in Ann Arbor every Sunday night from 7-11 for the ANN ARBOR BLUES AND JAZZ FESTIVAL OF THE AIR. Hear tunes never before imagined! Thrill to the carryings-on of two local boys who made good! Hawg and John will be paying special attention to the music of the artists who will be appearing at the Blues and Jazz Festival, playing killer music rarely heard on any radio.